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  1. Michigan Mom

    Business Class differences?

    BC on the Wolverines don’t have assigned seats and I assume none of the Michigan trains do. The amenities have ever so gradually scaled back to the point where it has no value now imho.
  2. Michigan Mom

    Michigan Service 355 derailment in New Buffalo, MI

    Society is going backwards, we need to protect rail crossings differently as common sense and basic situational awareness will no longer be a given.
  3. Michigan Mom

    Aug 2023 Travel Report - ThruWay-San Joaquins-CZ - Certainly...eventful

    Enjoyed your writing style and the way you just roll with the do such a good job of looking on the bright side... that sense of resilience probably helps you navigate many of the curve balls life throws at us!
  4. Michigan Mom

    Amtrak Business Class

    I see this has become a separate thread. So I do want be clear my comment was specific to Wolverine BC. It sounds as if the particulars of BC services can vary quite a bit depending on region.
  5. Michigan Mom

    Amtrak Business Class

    Pi, I ride the Wolverines 4-6 times a year. In my opinion BC is not really worth the up charge unless you get low bucket, and even more so with no lounge access. Now, the long/loud cell phone convos can happen regardless if you’re in coach or BC in my experience. It’s not a constant though...
  6. Michigan Mom

    Round trip Dwight - Kansas City on Lincoln Service/Missouri River Runner

    My recommendation is to not try to refill water bottles from the train water supply. I just don’t entirely trust it. BC absolutely should provide unlimited drinking water/water bottles on request.
  7. Michigan Mom

    Amtrak Metropolitan Lounges

    Guessing they no longer want to deal with any BC passengers who are not connecting to or from a LD train. And that does probably ensure more inventory for the long haul customers.
  8. Michigan Mom

    Las Vegas Monorail

    Monorail could have been done so much better. Great memories using it in mid 2000s. And no thanks to the tunnel, will never ride.
  9. Michigan Mom

    New Cancellation Policy at Amtrak (August 2023)

    If you misconnect and choose the cancellation option, I THINK there’s no penalty. But I would call or text them to be sure.
  10. Michigan Mom

    Wolverine, Interrupted 8/27-8/28

    Thing about the Blue Water is there’s just one departure. If you had to spend another night in Chicago would that be ok with you, is one question.
  11. Michigan Mom

    Wolverine, Interrupted 8/27-8/28

    Eric & Pat - I was really glad I could assist him, the feeling stayed with me and I hope he had an enjoyable trip on the Chief.
  12. Michigan Mom

    Wolverine, Interrupted 8/27-8/28

    Thanks so much for these comments, very much appreciated. As Jimi said, of course I will be taking the train again, although I'm not keen on another rail adventure in the near future. With such limited options in Michigan you really need a buffer built into your travel schedule on both...
  13. Michigan Mom

    Wolverine, Interrupted 8/27-8/28

    It will get too wordy if I explain what happened with exact chronological detail, so I'll focus on just the main points. Announcements were finally being made advising that every train going eastbound was being cancelled. This included the LSL, the Capitol, and all Michigan trains. Some other...
  14. Michigan Mom

    Wolverine, Interrupted 8/27-8/28

    And oh it was a beautiful day in Chicago. Two beautiful days, actually. The weather was perfect for my goal which was to log in at least 5 miles a day walking the lakefront parks, and I did 7 miles the first day and 6 miles the next, along the lake, and meandering through Millennium and Grant...
  15. Michigan Mom

    Wolverine, Interrupted 8/27-8/28

    It's quite the cliche, and I've always laughed at it - and then, in the closing days of August after a 2 day power outage, I decided to take a "Mental Health Day." I was lying in bed, night of the 26th, having recently gotten power restored. The place was finally cooling but I couldn't sleep...
  16. Michigan Mom

    Caught between American and Expedia

    I strongly recommend not booking through third party travel sites. In the past, Priceline and Hotwire were so cheap it was almost a throwaway if not used, at least for hotels. Generally people understood the nonrefundable aspect and were okay with it. There were airfare bargains too although...
  17. Michigan Mom

    NS PTC failure on 8/28/23 affecting all NS routes

    I think they did both a good, and not so good, job handling the situation. I recognize the station employees were doing the best they could with the tools they had however there are clear training issues that I will describe more in a trip report soon.
  18. Michigan Mom

    Michigan Central Station and Amtrak?

    Waiting and hoping!
  19. Michigan Mom

    Capitol Limited CHI-WAS luggage question

    It’s one of those things where if everyone used it there wouldn’t be enough space. I don’t need it so happy to leave for those who do. Someday I might.
  20. Michigan Mom

    Fare Buckets - and when do they increase/decrease?

    Remember when they had the 3 zones?