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    200MPH+ on the NEC: Is it practical?

    Have American contractors ever successfully built rail lines in the US that are suitable for 200 mph? Does the Northeast Corridor really need to run at 200 mph? Even with its current limitations, it's very successful now, maybe the only rail line in the US that has a significant percentage of...
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    Amtrak Cascades Service discussion

    I noticed that they moved the morning train from Vancouver (517) to 7:15 AM from 6:35 AM. If they had done that last month, I could have had another 45 minutes of sleep!
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    Replacement for B&P tunnel in Baltimore

    I think there as a certain amount of community opposition to having double stack container trains running on Amtrak tracks. Given how double stack trains mess up passenger service out west, I, too, would be reluctant to have them clutter up the tracks of the Northeast Corridor, especially given...
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    Business Class differences?

    Also, no assigned business class seats on the Maple Leaf, either.
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    Replacement for B&P tunnel in Baltimore

    I suspect that the higher cost in infrastructure projects in the US as compared to other peer countries is not due to the cost of labor or workplace regulations. It probably has more to do with our management culture and political culture. Arguments over the benefits of "internal improvements"...
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    Sleeper accommodation discussion

    That's assuming the downstairs luggage racks aren't full when you board. :(
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    Long Distance (LD) fleet replacement discussion (2022-23)

    Having taken a back-to-back trip on single level (Canadian) vs. bi-level (Empire Builder and Capitol Limited), I would disagree and vote for an all single level long-distance fleet. My reasons: 1. The sway of the cars in the upper level of the bi0level Superliners makes for a less comfortable...
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    Canada Circle Trip

    They do let people bring some guns through, don't they? I mean assuming that you declare them and have all the correct paperwork. After all, Americans do go up to Canada to hunt (and spend tourist $$$), and presumably at least some Canadians might want to visit the States to go hunting. Also...
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    Business Class differences?

    No assigned seats in BC on the Etan Allen Express, and no assigned seats in BC on the Cascades (at least not on the Vancouver-Seattle-Portland train I rode.) Not sure how it's handled in California or the Midwest.
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    Amtrak Dining and Cafe service 2023 H2

    This might suggest two things: 1. More V2 diners are soon to be available 2. The Lake Shore Limited is already doing fine despite the flex meals; perhaps Amtrak is trying to work on increasing ridership on the Crescent, which not only has the degraded food service, but also has new schedule...
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    Business Class differences?

    Another advantage to business class over coach is that the seats are assigned. You know you have a seat before you board, and thus you don't need to join the scrum to board first. This isn't true for the business class off the NEC. Also, business class has curtains to shade the windows, which...
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    Pittsburgh Amtrak Station past, present and future

    It's already a half hour late at its origination station?
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    Amtrak report on fiscal 2023

    On my recent trip on the Cap, there were 2 sleepers and 2 coaches. Two sleepers was the normal consist before Covid. I think in the past 3 coaches were typical. The main thing missing on the Cap is the sightseer lounge.
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    Washington, D.C

    I second this suggestion. It's 100% free, and when I went yesterday, there was no security check. The Park Service rangers are very friendly, and perhaps a little lonely; I was the only one there. You have to ride two elevators, first to the 9th floor, then up the tower. The first elevator...
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    Man opens airplane window and climbs on wing

    At least this one happened before the plane got in the air...
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    Comparison of Amtrak vs. other transport mode

    This should be part of the political discourse over transportation funding. I'd like to get an idea of the actual percentage of people who can't fly for medical reasons. I imagine that as the population ages, this percentage is increasing. When you get right down to it, our passenger...
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    Washington Union Station property issue

    I don't know about the artistic taste of the "Commission of Fine Arts." I find that the Great Hall has become an empty sterile space after they got rid of the restaurant in the center, which I used to patronize, as well as the seating, which was there in the grand old days when everyone rode...
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    North East Corridor (NEC) speeds, new stations and state of repair

    You mean it's going ~75 km/hr when it hits the Barcelona station? Wow, one needs to be very careful and quick getting off the train! :)
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    Downtown ticket offices

    Was this the ticket office in Suburban Station, or was there a separate office at street level? I don't remember it, as I moved out of Philadelphia in 1975. Back in the 1970s and early 80s, Amtrak served Suburban Station with the predecessors of the Keystone trains, so this would be a station...
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    Washington DC Union Station facilities, convenience and experiences

    Well, yes, actually I can ride MARC for $4.50 as a Senior, but I don't go down to Washington every day now, I like to earn some AGR TQP, and I'd rather take a 30-40 minute ride in a comfy reclining seat than an hour ride with lots of stops. I did ride home on MARC earlier in the month, as I...