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    Long Distance (LD) fleet replacement discussion (2022-23)

    Would a Dome Car be an option with an outdoor option?
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    Amtrak Coach discussion

    Dinner it is
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    Long Distance (LD) fleet replacement discussion (2022-23)

    Can they add a Sightseer Car? Also Showers for Coach even at $10 would be nice
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    Amtrak Coach discussion

    I have a travel voucher expiring this January for a trip that went South in terms of service on a Thruway Bus. So I booked the One Way Flex (Booked Amtrak LMY to San Jose) and it's only $9 with the voucher in Coach. If for some reason the Cost line is closed due to El Nino I have a Delta First...
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    Coast Starlight discussion

    I originally had a Roomette LA-SJ on the CS. Guest relations switched me to a Roomette from Lamy to LA ,Business Class on a running Surfliner to Santa Barbara then a bus to SJ!
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    Coast Starlight discussion

    I will ask Amtrak to reroute me Lamy-Chicago-Emeryville San Jose via Southwest Chief, California Zeypher or SW Chief-Empire Builder-CS in Sleeper. There are other LD options and the only reason I am taking the San Joaqins is to connect to the LD portion on a guaranteed connection. Lets make...
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    Coast Starlight discussion

    I am going to SJC. I would much rather have them put me on another LD train with Rommette! What about meal vouchers for those in a Roomette? They could very well take the Tehachapi route and overnight me in Emeryville and take the Capitol Corridor train the next day.
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    Coast Starlight discussion

    Any news about CS for January 26th? I am a Rail geek and saw it zeroed out online up to EMY and I have a Sleeper Car from LA to SJ I would much prefer an overnight in LA at a hotel rather than a downgrade. I understand that "Due to a service disruption along this route I'm going to need to...
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    Amtrak Cafe service, vending machines etc. discussion

    Are the San Joaqins still operating without cafe cars and providing complimentary snack boxes?
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    Amtrak major delay protocols

    DOT should require host railroads to help each other. Airlines have codeshares. So lets say a detoured Amtrak is needed it just becomes BNSF 3111 operated by Amtrak to gain movement on the host rails. Its time to prioritize passenger services better
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    Former Amtrak employee convicted of wire fraud

    Gee it takes a lot of nerve to trust a stranger with money. Its best to book with a reputable travel agency with an escrow account.
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    Amtrak Cafe service, vending machines etc. discussion

    Are there Cafe Cars on the San Joaqins Train 710?.One part of the website says temporarily suspended under ammenities but there is a San Joaqins Cafe Menu on the menus on Amtrak. Is 710 still the dinging California Cars or the Horizon cars. Do they still put the Superliners on the consist? I...
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    Truck Monitor Alarm

    Isn't it connected to the Milepost Defect detector?
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    Passengers with severe allergies?

    How about a Pet Free car?
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    Rude Amtrak employees

    I have had great experiences on Amtrak. They have been kind and very helpful to me. if you are polite then they will act in kind unless they are having a bad day.
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    Future Amtrak Sleeper and ADA ideas

    But the bunk is hard for those with disabilities and a lot of seniors to climb in and out of
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    Future Amtrak Sleeper and ADA ideas

    Instead of Roometts place the Business lie flat seats in a compartment with easy aisle access and a door that closes with overhead bin space,shower cars for Coach and Business. Coach pays $10 for a Shower. Business and above is free..
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    Southwest Airlines operations meltdown (Dec 2022)

    SW is worse than Amtrak. No interline airlines to ticket on. No Alliance partnerships etc.
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    Future Amtrak Sleeper and ADA ideas

    How about lay flat airline seats for Business Class with Duvet with a sliding door per pair?
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    Business Class downgrade

    Exactly and I am willing to pay the upgrade price! If Amtrak would provide a Business Class Meal of a local Hot Deli Sandiwch, Beer/Wine/Coccktails for Lunch, WIne and Cheese Plate and then an "Express Choice for Dinner" may be an option. So shouldn' t Amtrak give me an Upgrade since I am...