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  1. npower

    Upgrade/Companion/Lounge Coupons: seeking, available, questions

    Good afternoon, I had interpreted the language in the terms and conditions related to companion coupons that reads : "Offer also valid for private rooms including Roomettes, Bedrooms, Bedroom Suites and Accessible Bedrooms; offer excludes Family Bedrooms." to mean that one could essentially get...
  2. npower

    AGR Shopping Portal System Issue?

    Just FYI - I also reached out through Facebook messaging and the reply was: "Hello Thank you for reaching out and reporting this to us. First, we would like to apologize that our portal is not working. We are aware of the issue and we are implementing solutions as we speak"
  3. npower

    AGR Shopping Portal System Issue?

    Good to know! Did the person on FB say anything about how they would work to resolve it?
  4. npower

    AGR Shopping Portal System Issue?

    Ah, thanks for this. I just submitted a similar query to this board. I have also been having no luck logging in for days.
  5. npower

    AGR Shopping Portal System Issue?

    Good afternoon! Is anyone else having problems with logging in to the AGR for Shopping site - the portal from where you go to vendor websites? I can log in fine to my AGR account, but am not able to the Login to the shopping site and this happens on all of my devices. I have made sure my cookie...