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  1. cpotisch

    Autumn Color Express returns

    Hi all! I will start by clarifying that I'm not actually back (sorry!). I'm just here to post on behalf of a friend who occasionally browses the site but didn't feel comfortable signing up or posting himself. But before that, I will say that I'm doing well, having graduated and turned 18 last...
  2. cpotisch

    New dining options (flex dining) effective October 1, 2019

    Hi, y'all. I'm just so disappointed by this news that I finally took the time to write and send the following letter to Anderson, Gardner, and Coscia yesterday. I don't think it will make any difference, but at least I can feel like I'm doing something. Dear Mr. Anderson, Mr. Gardner, Mr...
  3. cpotisch

    Viewliner II Part 2: Dining Car Production, Delivery, Speculation

    Click edit, then "More Options", and then just hit the delete button to the right of the image.
  4. cpotisch

    Amtrak moving forward to stop all, most LDT

    Couldn't agree more. That gives Amtrak the freedom to provide service where it wishes (which can also be used as a feeder to bring more passengers to other routes), while also giving the states an incentive to chip in and improve service.
  5. cpotisch

    Amtrak moving forward to stop all, most LDT

    I agree with the intent here, but I just think that would be too subjective to work well. And the way something is intended is also very different from how people use it. Something could be intended as or expected to be primarily intrastate, but riders may see and use it the other way.
  6. cpotisch

    Just curious (SL/TE 3/15) Bustitution?

    Yep, west of San Antonio, the Eagle (referred to as train 421/422) just consists of one coach and one sleeper hooked onto the back of the Sunset Limited (train 1/2). Generally one will wait for the other, but every once in a while if the first train is just too late, the second will leave...
  7. cpotisch

    Train Jam 2019: CZ (5) March 14-16, 2019

    How come one Lounge is in the normal spot and the other is at the rear, with three coaches between them? Seems like an odd configuration...
  8. cpotisch

    California Zephyr first-timer

    That is a screenshot from a video game called Train Simulator, and it's depicting a 60 years old iteration of the Zephyr, so it really isn't realistic at all. But the Zephyr does run through the mountains at pretty high altitudes for several hours at a time, so that is something you'll have to...
  9. cpotisch

    Upcoming Site Software Change

    I did see that. Thanks for letting us know. :)
  10. cpotisch

    California Zephyr first-timer

    It’s your own private room. I take it this is a suitcase? In a Roomette traveling solo, you could just leave that in the upper bunk, however if you would prefer to leave the bunk folded up for the extra headroom below, you will have to put the bag in the shared storage area on the lower level...
  11. cpotisch

    Upcoming Site Software Change

    And though it’s a small thing, can we carry over the fact that for each title a member reaches, they get another dot under their profile as a badge? Train Attendants have one dot and Engineers end up with six.
  12. cpotisch

    New LD Locomotive Order Placed

    Yes but reliability is the reason they specifically had them tuned down to 4,000. 
  13. cpotisch

    Two tickets, two segments, one train?

    I actually haven’t noticed any appreciable difference in the availability of lower buckets between seasons. I would recommend occasionally checking to see if the price has gone down since booking, and if it has, you can call and ask them to *modify* your reservation to the lower fare...
  14. cpotisch

    New cancellations for March winter storms?

    Yep, this is one of those cases where I would want to quite literally throw caution to the wind and watch it happen.  :excl:
  15. cpotisch

    New LD Locomotive Order Placed

    Nope, the standard Chargers are 4,400 continuous.
  16. cpotisch

    New LD Locomotive Order Placed

    I’m thinking reliability. Being the workhorses of the LD network is not an easy job, so I guess Amtrak feels that the extra hp of a standard Charger isn’t necessary, and that reliability is more important. That’s the reason Brightline went with only 4,000 hp.
  17. cpotisch

    Acela 21 (Avelia Liberty) development, testing and deployment

    I know that. I'm still glad I won't be hearing these train sets referred to by such a ghastly name.
  18. cpotisch

    Amtrak Siemens Charger locomotive (SC44, ALC42, ALC42E)

    Yep, sometimes people read through stuff thoroughly and still don't notice certain aspects or get a bit confused by it. It happens. :)
  19. cpotisch

    Acela 21 (Avelia Liberty) development, testing and deployment

    Yeah, and it was ******* jet powered. Does that seem like a reasonable standard for full size passenger trains?