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    Hurricane Florence 2018

    The Silver Star is canceled north of Jacksonville again tomorrow, 9/26. Tentatively expecting resumption on Thursday, 9/27. Still waiting for the OK from CSX.
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    Current Amtrak documentation on max daytime sleeper accommodations?

    Permitted occupancy has been moved from the Service Standards Manual to a new Train Service Accounting User Guide dated 04/30/2018. The chart has not changed, including the typo.
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    Viewliner II Part 2: Dining Car Production, Delivery, Speculation

    The last three diners will not be out for a while, but they are still coming before any bag-dorms or sleepers.
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    July Changes to Lake Shore and Capitol Limited Dining

    I'm happy to see changes, however minor, happening so quickly in response to passenger and crew feedback.
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    July Changes to Lake Shore and Capitol Limited Dining

    Some adjustments are coming to the Lake Shore and Capital menus. Starting July 11, the beef tenderloin salad will be replaced with a hot short rib, polenta and vegetable entree. It will be served with a side salad and the same salted caramel dessert. The breakfast box is being slimmed down...
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    'New' Union Station for Raleigh, NC

    The new Raleigh Union Station will open to passengers on July 10.
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    Staffed to Unstaffed Stations Master Thread

    Effective July 8, La Junta will be staffed five days a week, Monday to Friday, with a caretaker on weekends. Ticket sales will continue to be available when the agent is on site, currently scheduled as Mon-Wed 7am - 12:30pm and Thur-Fri 7am-10am and 6pm-8:30pm. When the agent is not available...
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    Northeast Regional WiFi

    Amtrak used to block video and music streaming, but with upgrades that restriction is no longer in effect. Maybe the terms and conditions still state such, but no one reads the T&Cs and it is no longer blocked. Even the long hauls have had back haul upgrades. Can't remember the last time I had a...
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    Service Disruption for #97 and #98 in Florida Monday, June 25th

    The trains arrived in Hialeah just after 7am. As Thirdrail7 said, expect late trains. 98 is already showing an ETD of 10am which seems a tad optimistic.
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    Service Disruption for #97 and #98 in Florida Monday, June 25th

    No vehicles were involved. Local was pulling an industry track off the mainline and a rail rolled over sending two engines and three cars onto the ground. Further, the incident a few weeks ago involved the vehicle driving into the side of the passing train, not the train hitting a vehicle. The...
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    Finally a sleeper sale!

    Booking from the promotion page automatically inserts the discount code. Probably easier for many to just book on the homepage with the discount code.
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    Finally a sleeper sale!

    As in redeeming points at the sale price? No, the required Guest Rewards points are not discounted by the amount of the "free" railfare. Same point price as before.
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    Finally a sleeper sale!

    Buy one, get one railfare free for Roomette travel. Must Purchase June 20 - June 26, 2018 Must Travel August 20, 2018 - February 15, 2019 Origin Blackout Date: November 25, 2018 Not valid on southbound Auto Train #53. Book using discount code V555.
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    Longer & Longer consists

    CSX's average train length is up 13% year-over-year to an average of 7,200 feet. Where I operate, the average siding length is about 7,100ft. It was pretty painful for a while, having a 12-14,000 ft freight run right in front of you with multiple set-outs and pick-ups enroute with no way to get...
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    Miami Intermodal Center at Miami International Airport

    I believe cost is the main issue. If it was a bottom-line positive move we'd already be down there. Anything that increases Amtrak's cash-loss isn't going to happen. If you could plan some service change that resulted in a 100% increase in riders/revenue, but bottom-line cost went up 10%, even...
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    Senator Manchin vs Richard Anderson/Steve Gardner

    But Cincinnati is a low-usage station. Just 11,144 passed through CIN in FY2017. That means of the last 37 stations to lose staffing since 2015, CIN ranks as #19 in ridership. It is hardly a bustling terminal. I don't want to see any staffed stations go away, but it certainly falls right in the...
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    Amtrak's New "Fresh Choices" Dining on CL & LSL

    Amtrak employees riding on business travel can purchase the meal box for $25.
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    Miami Intermodal Center at Miami International Airport

    Pretty sure Brightline won't impact Amtrak at all. I'm optimistic they will raise the overall profile of rail travel as an option for Floridians who will discover Amtrak can take them to many more places, at far cheaper fares, than Brightline will ever offer. Who has ever said we don't serve...
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    Equipment Order in the works this year (2018)?

    Thanks for throwing everyone under the train, including those who work very hard to safely and comfortably move those with special needs. Some conductors try and make them feel like they are the only person in the world who matters when boarding, riding and detraining. I'm sorry to hear anyone...
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    Richmond, VA Track Work June 10-12, 2018

    Left WAS an hour late. Delayed 4 hours south of WAS due to clean up activities at the CSX derailment site. Then equipment issues at FAY ending up with a car being set out in FLO.