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  1. Herb

    Los Angeles and San Francisco Bay area service

    The coastal route (San Jose to Santa Barbara) should be purchased by California and upgraded. Getting more miles of track infrastructure under public ownership is the real solution. It could be developed so that not only passenger trains but local freight would be hauled. I’m serious about the...
  2. Herb

    Coast Starlight discussion 2023 Q4

    The CSL runs next to the ocean only from about Santa Barbara to just past Vandanberg. From there on it’s all in land. When the Pacific Parlor car was part of the consist, sleepers were a better deal cause you had sole access to it. If there was a parlor car on all long distance routes it would...
  3. Herb

    Tier Qualifying Points (TQP)

    It’s 2023 now and most of these issues have evolved! I regularly use the iPhone app for my tickets and have not had a problem. Amtrak IT must have gotten some help!! The TQP is still not very useful. If Amtrak had more frequent service and more routes it might be ok. I’m now finishing a week...
  4. Herb

    AGR FNBO Credit Card discussion 2023 H2

    I did not have that particular problem but FNBO is a funky bank! Bank of America was simple and straight forward. Logging into FNBO the first time took a bit, because FNBO uses another URL to log in. After I go that figured out I moved onto the next issue. One of my banks went thru a merger and...
  5. Herb

    A CEO's attention to detail

    The better question is “If all railroad infrastructure was owned by the Federal and State governments (like our Highway system ) would passenger service run on time? For the answer check out the Swiss National Railroad. They run passenger service and freight. Their passenger service is on time...
  6. Herb

    Unofficial Amtrak Timetables-2022

    Why is Amtrak so difficult? They have the information because they need to know where their trains are and when to meet up with them. It seems like someone in Amtrak has made the decision to be less transparent and more opaque in their operations.
  7. Herb

    Boise, ID, Salt Lake City, UT, Las Vegas, NV

    When looking at the study it shows the weakness of our current system. Each state has to study and provide funds. When just making a route one should consider not only the end points but the thru-points along the route. In addition segments of the larger interstate route should be used as...
  8. Herb

    San Francisco - Los Angeles Night Train proposals

    The whole issue is that America’s railroads are not national infrastructure, they are private infrastructure. I believe Congress gave way to much to the railroads when AMTRAK was formed. If Congress had said, OK you don’t (won’t) do passenger service as in the original agreements (where they got...
  9. Herb

    No Business Class on the Coast Starlight

    I book BC on the. CS when it started. There was Wifi, two bottles of water a pillow and a $6 voucher to use that trip in the dinning car or cafe. Since then they have dropped all of those FIRST CLASS features. The car was not crowded but there were plenty of people in the car. The las time I...
  10. Herb

    No Business Class on the Coast Starlight

    I just tried booking a business class seat in April, May, June and July. All that was available was coach and sleeper. I’ve been riding AMTRAK since they started. I live on the Coast Starlight Route and have seen it go thru much changes. With the exception of the introduction of business class...
  11. Herb

    Adding frequency to Long Distance (LD) service

    The current Coast Starlight route is a good one and should be kept because it services Eastern Oregon from Klamath Falls to Chemult and is connected to Bend Or via a bus service. The route I’d like reestablished is from Davis CA (Sacramento) to Eugene OR via the original Southern Pacific...
  12. Herb

    Adding frequency to Long Distance (LD) service

    I’ve been speaking about a daylight train from Sacramento to Eugene via the I5 corridor. It would leave SacValletStation and turn north at Davis, following the west side SP track which is under utilized. At Tehama Y North of Corning it would move to UPSP track. Red Bluff, Redding, Dunsmuir are...
  13. Herb

    Europe's train woes

    From personal experience the European rail experience is far better than AMTRAK . I live in Northern California about 45 miles from the Oregon border. My nearest AMTRAK station is 8 miles away in Dunsmuir CA. I have traveled the entire west coast ( Canada too ) and across the country to the East...
  14. Herb

    Europe's train woes

    Switzerland has the best example of train connections in the world. They built their system with the goal of providing transit from almost every place not just the big urban centers. In fact according to Railways Explained there are more Swiss living outside the major city centers than in the...
  15. Herb

    Europe's train woes

    My personal experience in Europe was that a trip that involved rail and bus was pretty easy to make happen. Electrical power is the way to go even here in the US. Cost of electrification is the crutch that America uses to stay invested in diesel powered locomotives. Switzerland has a total...
  16. Herb

    Los Angeles and San Francisco Bay area service

    I just read the Appendix F. I am amazed that the authors immediately threw out Conventional Electrification. I quote “ It is ASSUMED that overhead catenary along the UPRR Coast Corrodor would not be feasible durvto cost and required institutional agreements and May not be preferred due to visual...
  17. Herb

    Los Angeles and San Francisco Bay area service

    The CTC rollout, would it upgrade the siding switch issue that I saw a number of years ago (2013?). The issue was that the #14 CSL had to come to a stop, a conductor got off and manually pulled the switch so the train could move to the siding. Then he closed it after the train and walked...
  18. Herb

    Los Angeles and San Francisco Bay area service

    Have you read the California Rail Plan? Its pretty weak. I’m working on getting a response to them, even though the review period is over. Also I’ve been watching several webinars by DB ECO that describe different ways of doing rail transport. A lot of good practical ideas and data.
  19. Herb

    Los Angeles and San Francisco Bay area service

    This proposal for passenger service is what the California Rail Plan should be working on instead of the weak plan they have. This route, if it was state owned could be fixed up! The private owners are not interested in doing much. #1 elimination of at grade crossings #2 upgrading the road bed...
  20. Herb

    AGR Credit Card change (October 2022)

    I have both cards too. I opened each one and read all the document. I’m going to keep the Mastercard not the Preferred Mastercard cause I don’t travel that much and see no need to pay $99 just to get one upgrade and one companion coupon. What not reported is the Foreign transaction fees. I’m...