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    Date change needed - online or call?

    I need to change one leg of my ticket to leave a day earlier and get off at an earlier stop. The ticket was booked with dollars and had no change fees attached. Should I rebook online and cancel the other trip online, or call Amtrak and have them make the change?
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    Southwest Chief discussion

    Canyon de Chelly too - you must have aNavajo guide. Great trip you have planned!
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    Travel from Montreal

    Hi - I will be on a cruise ending in Montreal in September 2023. I understand the Adirondack is not currently crossing into Canada and it doesn’t look like anyone knows when it will resume. If I can’t pick up the Adirondack in Montreal, any suggestions on how I can get back to an Amtrak route...
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    Southwest Chief derailment (June 2022)

    Thank you for your response.
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    Southwest Chief derailment (June 2022)

    Why have Southwest Chief trains been canceled recently?
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    Lamy to Fort Lauderdale

    Hi - I’m getting ready to plan my trip from Northern New Mexico to Southern Florida for a cruise. Ideally I would travel Lamy to Chicago, Chicago to Washington D.C., and DC to Fort Lauderdale. Last year that plan got squashed because of COVID and I ended up going through NYP and spending the...
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    To-go food on the Southwest Chief?

    I will be on the Southwest Chief next week. I am still needing to avoid people so I do not want to eat in the dining car. Can I get my meal to go so I can eat it alone in my room?
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    Lamy, NM shuttle

    My reservation is for pick up in Lamy and drop off in Los Alamos. I’ll report back if I have any trouble.
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    Lamy, NM shuttle

    And it worked - thanks again!
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    Lamy, NM shuttle

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    Lamy, NM shuttle

    I need to book the shuttle from Lamy to Los Alamos. The shuttle website says I have to book through Amtrak but I can’t find anything about this on the Amtrak website. Any help out there?
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    Silver Star/Silver Meteor combined train (Jan - Oct 2022)

    I have been rebooked on the Silver Star. My trip to FTL is in car 9111 and my return trip is in car 9811. Can anyone tell me which Viewliner I will be in?
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    Amtrak long term service cancellations and restorations (2022-2023H1)

    I just read an article on that said a number of routes are going to change - or be cancelled entirely - through the end of March. I am scheduled to depart of the Southwest Chief on March 10 to connect to the Capitol Limited and then the Silver Meteor to get to Fort Lauderdale for a...
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    Lamy Station destaffed again

    Following this thread, as I will be boarding at Lamy in March. My last trip with that station was great - the volunteers were very helpful and the beer was cold! A terrible station for Amtrak to close because there is NO cell phone service.
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    Roomette question (re sleeping on upper bunk)

    Thanks everyone! I will actually be in both types of cars (long trip) but it sounds like it won’t be worth it!
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    Roomette question (re sleeping on upper bunk)

    For my next solo trip, I am pondering using the upper bunk to sleep and keeping the lower as chairs. Looking for pros and cons for this idea.
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    Route Timetable PDFs returning? (2021-2022)

    I was looking for the original timetables - bummer.
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    Route Timetable PDFs returning? (2021-2022)

    I am trying to find the schedules for my trains (they used to have paper copies in the cars) but I can’t seem to find the route schedules on the Amtrak site. Can anyone help?
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    New Orleans to Florida?

    From the Amtrak map it looks like there used to be service to Florida beyond New Orleans. Anyone know if this is temporary or permanent?
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    New Mexico to Fort Lauderdale…

    UPDATE - I booked the trip - SW Chief, Capitol Limited, Silver Meteor. If all goes well, I will get into Fort Lauderdale 3 nights early (just in case!)