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  1. dlagrua

    Long Distance (LD) fleet replacement discussion (2022-23)

    Getting back to the Slumbercoach design, it may be possible to build a similar car based on the bi-level car design now used by NJ transit. There are only a set of steps at the front and rear of the car. The lower level is below platform height while the high level is quite a bit above it. There...
  2. dlagrua

    Ohio finally starts the process for new Amtrak service

    All aboard Ohio has been lobbying for more train service for years. They presented many good ideas and proposals for new routes and better service. Now with federal government support new routes will result. Info here: All Aboard Ohio
  3. dlagrua

    Sleeper accommodation discussion

    Here are our tips for sleeper travel. For expected rattles, take along a package of carpenters wedges, some bubble wrap and some gaffers tape ( basically duct tape with a non permanent adhesive). Optional items; a small bar of soap, shampoo, extension cord, flashlight and an LED night light. Why...
  4. dlagrua

    200MPH+ on the NEC: Is it practical?

    I would say Jis nailed by providing info supporting the argument on the unlikely possibility of 200 mph operation on the NEC.
  5. dlagrua

    Ohio finally starts the process for new Amtrak service

    It sometimes seems the studies go on in perpetuity. Establishing service on an existing Norfolk Southern freight route like the old Broadway Ltd route through Ohio and Indiana would involve rehab of the stations, adding additional signaling, a few switches and PTC. The line is double tracked...
  6. dlagrua

    200MPH+ on the NEC: Is it practical?

    To have an effective 200 mph route, some long direct straight runs on the NEC would be required. The NEC has limited places where this can occur. Also with many stations on the route, slowing from 200 mph to an appropriate speed to enter a station would take significant time and slow the average...
  7. dlagrua

    Sleeper accommodation discussion

    We book bedrooms for our overnight trips and roomettes when we travel during the day and arrive late evening. IMO, the roomettes are easier to sleep in but when you get used to it you can get decent sleep in the bedrooms. At stations during the night where they service the train and/or change...
  8. dlagrua

    Long Distance (LD) fleet replacement discussion (2022-23)

    That may be the case and its looks good to me but the Duplex single sleeper arrangement had steps to enter every other unit. If Amtrak kept the toilets in them that wouldn't require going down steps to the sleeper bathroom but I do not see that ever happening again. Can you imagine rising at 3...
  9. dlagrua

    Long Distance (LD) fleet replacement discussion (2022-23)

    I don't believe that we will ever see the Slumbercoach design again or anything like it. The design was good but every other mini room had two steps at the entrance. The Siemens NightJet sleeper has mini cabins but IMO its a terrible design as they are far too cramped; a shelf that you must...
  10. dlagrua

    How far in advance to book/pay?

    Another point that I believe has been made (that I will reinforce) is to book early to get the "prime" sleeper. If for any reason a sleeper needs to be removed there is less chance the the prime sleeper will be the choice. If you decide to re-book for a lower cost you may be moved to the...
  11. dlagrua

    College football fans reserve entire Amtrak coach

    Talking about sports; I believe the New York Rangers hockey team on dates that they play the Philadelphia Flyers use to or still reserve two Amtrak coaches for the team and the staff. Don't know if they still do it but MSG is at Moynihan station and easy access for the team.
  12. dlagrua

    The Electrification discussion

    If you ask me, Amtrak missed a large opportunity to have a long electrified line when the Milwaukee Road line to Seattle went bankrupt and was abandoned. Milwaukee Road's electrification crossed five mountain ranges covering 656 route miles of their main line in two separate divisions: 440 miles...
  13. dlagrua

    How far in advance to book/pay?

    I share this view for a few reasons. The first being is that we don't have reliable info on when the prices will ever drop or rise. The second is that the sleeper bedrooms are frequently selling out. If we wait until a few months out to book; chances are that something may not be available...
  14. dlagrua

    Long Distance (LD) fleet replacement discussion (2022-23)

    A number of companies tried the railcar manufacturing business and failed like United Aircraft, GM, and Boeing as you mention. The Budd Company is still in business but they closed their Philadelphia Car Building facility about 20 years back because they couldn't make any money. Now its a golf...
  15. dlagrua

    Long Distance (LD) fleet replacement discussion (2022-23)

    Getting back to the subject of fleet replacement; vendor selection has yet to be made but consider that the Superliner fleet has become way smaller in recent years. I believe that the fleet has very few replacement cars available that Amtrak can use but I don't have the actual numbers. The...
  16. dlagrua

    New Cancellation Policy at Amtrak (August 2023)

    Looking at the options at least on the NER trains it now appears that they now give you three choices. Sale at 50% cancellation fee if cancelled before departure, no changes permitted, Value at a 25% cancellation fee if cancelled before departure, no changes permitted and Flex full refund if...
  17. dlagrua

    Pioneer and three others coming back?

    I am all for restoration of the Pioneer service BUT there is no equipment to put it in service right now. You can't put the "cart before the horse" I would also like to see the Desert Wind return but Brightline will probably have this route in service before Amtrak. My main interest would be...
  18. dlagrua

    Salt Lake City Station discussion

    We have some talk here about Amtrak potentially restoring the Desert Wind service but BrightlineWest already has an aggressive proposal to restore LA to LAS service. That would be in conflict with Amtrak service so I have no idea how Amtrak would propose adding the Boise, Ogden and Salt Lake...
  19. dlagrua

    Amtrak's own hypothetical national track infrastructure discussion

    Several years back I had a discussion with a small private railroad branch line operator. He said just laying new tracks and ties would cost $1 million per mile. Amtrak might look at abandoned ROW's for new routes as a starter becuase the real estate is already there. The old National Ltd route...
  20. dlagrua

    Amtrak Dining and Cafe service 2023 H2

    If Amtrak offered "organic", Preservative, MSG, Sulfite, and Nitrite free flex meals I believe that more passengers would be happy. I don't understand why so many unhealthy caustic chemicals, w high salt and sugar content are used in those meals. Sodium Nitrite is actually a toxic substance.