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  1. Maverickstation

    Hotels convenient to Amtrak

    Suffice to say that this thread should be divided into three Hotels convenient to Amtrak. Affordable Hotels convenient to Amtrak. Luxury Hotels convenient to Amtrak. Here in Boston you can exit either Bay Back, South Station, or North Station and trip over multiple hotels, including some of...
  2. Maverickstation

    Scenic routes on LIRR to the far east end of Long Island?

    For a great day trip, take a round trip from Penn Station to Montauk (change at Jamaica), it's a long ride (117 miles), and does offer some scenic highlights including the crossing at Shinnecock Canal, and the section of the line between Amagansett and Montauk. Montauk Village is about a 10/15...
  3. Maverickstation

    Sunset Limited/Texas Eagle discussion

    Good Read on the Sunset Limited from Texas Monthly Magazine.
  4. Maverickstation

    Dining Car on CONO

    The CONO "First Class Menu" (to use Amtrak's title), is basically the Cafe menu.
  5. Maverickstation

    Boston - Montreal new rail alignment

    OMG, what a comment, of course there is a Boston to Montreal market, the question being is it a large enough market to sustain what would be a major infrastructure project. Ken
  6. Maverickstation

    Boston - Montreal new rail alignment

    That is the million dollar question. There is a tremendous market between Boston and Toronto, and thanks to Porter Airlines, we take a number of long weekends there through the year, and the planes are packed (landing at Billy Bishop Airport also ups the convenience factor. Frankly, we never...
  7. Maverickstation

    Amtrak to the Beach

    Old Orchard Beach is very popular, to say the least, and the season is short so people turn out when they can enjoy it. A former colleague of mine whose usual beach getaways are Nantucket and East Hampton, would always take her extended family for a week in Old Orchard Beach, as there is plenty...
  8. Maverickstation

    Amtrak to the Beach

    We took the same train as yesterday from Chelsea MBTA Commuter Rail station and today went to beautiful Singing Beach in Manchester By The Sea. How can you go wrong with the $10.00 weekend pass, let alone when it includes the entire Holiday Weekend. Riders were out in force.
  9. Maverickstation

    Amtrak to the Beach

    Happy Labor Day Weekend all. Speaking of taking trains to the beach, we are at the MBTA Commuter Rail Station in Chelsea about to board the train to Rockport, and Front Street Beach.
  10. Maverickstation

    Amtrak to the Beach

    Yes, Crane Beach can be reached via the Newburyport Line at Ipswich Station. The seasonal bus service Ispwich Essex Explorer meets trains at Ipswich and one route goes to Crane Beach. Ken
  11. Maverickstation

    Downeaster discussion

    Does anyone know if business class on the Downeaster has assigned seating or is it still a free for all? A Free For All, hardly. You need a Business Class Ticket, and then you pick your own seat. When we travelled on 8/12, single passengers were asked to use the single seats, and they all...
  12. Maverickstation

    Amtrak to the Beach

    Another great thing about the Downeaster Service is that the service is great. As part of their being the Contracted Operator of the service, Amtrak has to agree to service standards established by the Northern New England Rail Passenger Authority. They Cafe Car Attendant we had on our trip back...
  13. Maverickstation

    Amtrak to the Beach

    From time to time discussions come about beaches that can be easily reached by Amtrak. For a life long resident of the Northeast, and now Boston, the only beaches that matter to me are Ocean Beaches, but we can include fresh water beach as well. One of the best Beaches that is served by Amtrak...
  14. Maverickstation

    MBTA (Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority) discussion

    Here are some recent pictures along the South Coast Line at Berkley (the junction of the 2 end points). As regular visitors to Westport, we are looking forward to the closer Commuter Rail Options (as opposed to Middleborough).
  15. Maverickstation

    Adirondack June '23 cancellation, and September restoration, state of Upstate NY service

    When you visit the Amtrak website, it has the Adirondack listed as it's featured service of the Northeast. No mention of the routes suspension. Get it together already. Ken
  16. Maverickstation

    Brunswick to Rockland ME Train Service

    Thanks for posting this. It sounds like this has been planned out very well, including having the Budd Car out on a publicity tour. The Rockland Lobster Festival is a hyper popular event, so running shuttles to it will get the word out fast. Happy 4th of July. Ken
  17. Maverickstation

    Amtrak dining and cafe service

    The Silver Meteor's Traditional Dining Menu is now posted on Yes, it's the same as the Star, and at the top of the Dinner Menu it states a Dinner Salad is...
  18. Maverickstation

    I-95 collapse effect on SEPTA and Amtrak

    Exactly, if you were, as an example, driving from Washington DC to New York City, you would not be on this section of 95, you would be on the NJ Turnpike connecting with 95, just before/after the Delaware Memorial Bridges. A major portion of Route 95 that would have travelled through Mercer and...
  19. Maverickstation

    Northern Lights Express
  20. Maverickstation

    South Station - Current situation?

    OMG, the Drama. First South Station, like many places in the Boston HUB is under construction (see below). There can be noise related to this (weekdays in particular), and detours set up, but it is far from chaotic. As an earlier poster notes, if you are using ACELA First Class you can use...