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    Acela 21 (Avelia Liberty) development, testing and deployment

    Once you are onboard you won't have to look at it.
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    Capitol Limited cancelled in both directions, 2/13/24

    If they had to return 29 to WAS the derailment happened late enough that it would have been too late to help the passengers already headed west on the Pennsylvanian. It already would have been past Harrisburg. IMHO it would have been best to send 30 east from Chicago to pick up the passengers...
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    Riding Amtrak for fun?

    She would not make it to Edmonds. The door in the 830 sleeper would open and out she would go.
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    Texas Eagle discussion

    I suggest eating dinner before you get on the train. They have flex dining on the Eagle, and a full service diner with the regular menu after you leave San Antonio going west.
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    California Zephyr discussion 2023 Q4 - 2024

    From personal experience going eb into Denver at night, you can get pretty good views if you are on the left side in a roomette with the lights off. This is my favorite Amtrak train and I never get tired of the scenic portions. I usually fly west out of Chicago, spend one night in Oakland...
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    Trip through the Sierras on Zephyr Sunday?

    I’m glad I was wrong.
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    Trip through the Sierras on Zephyr Sunday?

    Have a plan for the train being cancelled. I was booked on 6 in December of 2021. We left emy knowing a storm was brewing in Donner pass. I anticipated delays. We sat in Sacramento for 6 hours and then they announced that Union Pacific had closed Donner pass and that the train was returning...
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    Riding Amtrak for fun?

    This time it is my colleague. She has been on the warpath with everyone because her life is miserable. Hen peck hen peck hen peck. My retaliation is booking a trip on 8 from Seattle to Chicago on President's Day weekend. I got a decent fare on a roomette, 684, and a good fare on United...
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    Riding Amtrak for fun?

    Thank you. I appreciate your support. I am now at a school where the administrators appreciate me. The students are good too. I am still exploring my next train ride.
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    Riding Amtrak for fun?

    I have used Amtrak as therapy when having a rough time. I have taken quite a few trips to just decompress from the stress of being a teacher. One day I had a class that was giving me the business. I had had enough, and the usual practice of calling houses was not working. I work in the...
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    Why do long distance Amtrak trains travel at very low speeds?

    The coast starlight travels through Cuesta Pass. There are steep grades and curves.
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    How does VIA deal with extreme cold?

    I rode the Canadian in the January of 1998. Someplace east of Edmonton we sat for 8 hours because of a broken rail caused by extreme cold. I remember sitting in the dome as we headed west towards Jasper. Between towns the air and sky were clear. When we passed through a town it was shrouded...
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    Letters sent to Senators and IDOT regarding Amtrak cancellations.

    I was thinking more inclosed buildings would help. But the employees still need to get the job done.
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    Letters sent to Senators and IDOT regarding Amtrak cancellations.

    I just sent letters to Durbin, Duckworth, and IDOT regarding the cancelations. This is the letter I sent to all three. Greetings, I am a frequent traveler on Amtrak. I am dissatisfied with the way Amtrak has not handled normally cold winter weather. The Charger locomotives and Venture cars...
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    Trapped on train at CUS?

    Only a railfan would think to do that. This is a college student. Mistakes happen. Ease up.
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    Riding Amtrak for fun?

    I recommend trying a few solo trips first. If you like it try including your significant other. I have tried numerous times to include my GF and she is just not interested in trains. This is okay, and she encourages me to take train rides on my own. Our first overnight effort was on the...
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    Trapped on train at CUS?

    You are barking up the wrong tree here. The mother was waiting. This was not necessarily an emergency. This should have been easily resolved by Amtrak's customer service.
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    Amtrak Dining and Cafe service discussion 2024 Q1

    One thing that I observed on the Empire Builder was that the LSA in the diner was actively discouraging coach passengers from eating in the diner. He would make statements such as: "Are you sure you want to eat in here? It's Expensive. The lounge car is that way. Here is the menu, take a...
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    Trapped on train at CUS?

    Calling Mom made perfect sense in this situation since she was waiting for the passenger. This mindset of everyone being responsible for themselves is somewhat offensive. Everyone has probably had a moment where they needed help. Telling people to anticipate every potential mishap is ridiculous.