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    Tipping on Amtrak

    I wish I could remember the name of the young man who ran the diner car like a gulag! He was put out when asked for rolls, threw butter cakes at us and scolded a young girl for putting her napkin on her plate! I was the only one who tipped him at all the meals!!! And only cuz I used to be a...
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    Riding Amtrak for fun?

    I have a reason aside from fun as my son is in Seattle and I am in western NY. However, I think I have had as much fun riding there and back than as anything else in my 65 years!! Having sons and dedicated ride on both ends, I didn't have worries about timing! I used the lounge and loved eating...
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    Was the % full feature removed from Amtrak Reservation System?

    I used this almost daily when taking the Maple Leaf with 2 other adults and 3 children. Knowing we might not get seats together at least helped us prepare! And we were scattered!
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    Canadian Circle Trip: VIA and Amtrak

    I think I would have been pretty happy to have had to wait outside of that tunnel!! I kind of had to talk my way through it, can't imagine getting stuck inside! I love the EB though!
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    Sleeper cleanliness observations

    I dropped my pen and took my flashlight under the seat and was pretty shocked!! A lot of dust but also some lose medications! I used hand sanitizer and wiped down my roomette and though not filthy, I definitely dirtier some paper towels!
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    What should Amtrak change?

    I dropped a pen and took my phone flashlight under seat to look for it and filled a little bag with garbage! Including some unidentified medications!! I was upstairs last time but used hand sanitizer on inside windows and the paper towel was filthy!! Still love that train though!
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    New member from Richmond

    This was my dad's favorite song. I remember a night in the late 60's when his cousin called him about 2 am and the two of them singing to each other! Family good times!
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    What time of year to travel cross country

    I have round tripped twice from NY to Seattle in April. It was early spring when I left, was very warm in Chicago, no leaves out yet so clear views but green buds. Full blown winter through the rockies and cascades then full blown spring in Washington!! The train was not full but definitely a...
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    Nervous First Timer with some questions.

    Lol true that, last week on the Empire Builder all passengers kidded about the wrath of Joshua, who guarded all things diner to the nth degree!!
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    Lake Shore Limited discussion

    I didn't ask anyone but was also on a viewliner 2 Chicago to Rochester on April 22. On the 11th of April it was not. I thought it was much nicer. I had also gone round trip to Seattle and the 2 was much, much nicer!!! Shout out to Ray on the way home!
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    Superliner trains' removal and restoration of cars (2022-2023)

    Agreed. If I had not read these posts I would still be in the car that would be removed. I made reservations on line 5 months out and was on the 731/831. I called and they switched me to the base cars. I would use the web site for information only, then hope you get Tess on the phone!!
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    Chicago Union Station discussion

    On my round trip from Rochester to Seattle, I was pan handled in Rochester and Chicago! I am a poor traveler and basically said I'd be happy to take something from them!! Also in Chicago (though not in station but on train) had the police search my bags! I'm a retired grandmother so not sure if...
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    Amtrak Metropolitan Lounges

    I rode coach from Rochester to Chicago and was able to use lounge with my sleeper connection to Seattle. Same coming back.
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    Superliner trains' removal and restoration of cars (2022-2023)

    I made reservations on the Empire Builder for April 2023 and got on the 7 and 831's. After reading this I called an agent and she got me on the 7 and 830's for no price change. She did try and be encouraging and tell me that it would be fine, but chatted her up a little and she admitted that...
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    Rude Amtrak employees

    I agree, most people are quite helpful. I did have a diner car guy who at 6:28 make me stand between cars till 6:30 for coffee! I think he was running late himself and a generous tip helped for the rest of the trip!
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    Riding in Coach

    Eye masks a must! I forgot mine but found out those face masks can have a dual purpose! They worked perfect to cover eyes!
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    Amtrak features and comfort updates

    I did this too!! No issues with attendant, they just said sure. I liked sitting cross legged looking out window. And as a light sleeper, was all set for short naps! Also I was alone in the roomette.
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    Empire Builder discussion

    Agreed, east bound was great, starting by going along the puget sound, in April eastern Washington was bathed in fields of blooming apple trees carpeted in daffodils, through Glacier, the Badlands, Missouri River. I loved the last day along the Mississippi River! Enjoy your trip!
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    WiFi on longer routes

    I used my cell service on the EB and really only lost service through parts of the mountain ranges. I used the maps so I could film going over the bridges!
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    Tips for sleeping well on Amtrak

    Bring your own pillow and blanket. An eye mask! For me, I was too curious about where I was to sleep! I had to get outside at every stop, I really enjoyed the he'll out of my time on the train! Rochester NY to Seattle! I just didn't want to miss anything! I slept great first night off of the...