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  1. Palmland

    Budd RDC technical stuff

    Wow, I don’t remember any manual gear shifting. I rode a few times in the ‘cab’ of an RDC (‘Budd car’ to C&O/B&O engineers) from Baltimore to Washington. But then that was only 50 years ago and I’m sure my memory is accurate.
  2. Palmland

    New Gulf Coast Amtrak service (New Orleans - Mobile and Baton Rouge)

    I did watch it and my impression was the issues that initiated the proceedings, at Amterak's request, have been resolved. Those dealt with the need for track improvements that the railroads and the Port were concerned about. The funding for that has also been obtained and construction is about...
  3. Palmland

    Passenger train service to Phoenix AZ.

    Saw this article in today's Trains' Newswire. If successful, it might encourage UP to reopen he direct line to Phoenix. PHOENIX — Union Pacific has opened its Phoenix Intermodal Terminal, the latest addition to the railroad’s “pop-up” terminal strategy to test markets before building large...
  4. Palmland

    Interesting facts and notes in old railroad magazines

    That matches what the ‘Guide’ says. Also on the train was a 10-6 to Erie. Strangely, on that day it was an ACL car- ‘Volusia County’ where I now live 50+ years later.
  5. Palmland

    Interesting facts and notes in old railroad magazines

    The naming of Pullman cars I always found fascinating. PRR 10-5 sleepers (prewar with no closet for the toilet) were in the ‘Cascade’ series. What to make of ‘Cascade Rapids’ that I saw on PRR’s Northern Express in Washington heading to Buffalo?
  6. Palmland

    Sacramento, CA

    We made a similar conection to the CZ but from the souhbound CS. We had a very enjoyable day and night in Sacramento. We didn't venture beyond Old Town Sacramento and the Railroad Museum and had plenty to do. A highlight for us was a night on the Delta King docked in Old Town. The history of the...
  7. Palmland

    Trip through the Sierras on Zephyr Sunday?

    A great report and a trip you’ll long remember. For all the naysayers- here’s at least one time when the host railroad kept the line open in very nasty weather and Amtrak didn’t cancel the train because of what might happen. It can be done!
  8. Palmland

    Interesting facts and notes in old railroad magazines

    Here are some pages from the Pullman Company brochure. There is some variation with the layout of each design depending on the builder and manufactured date. For instance a compartment has a variation with the two beds over each other, like Amtrak but a smaller couch. The compartment is...
  9. Palmland

    First long trip on Amtrak (SAS to VAC)

    I’m sure many on here would choose Phillippes for breakfast between trains. A 5 minute walk and opens at 6. It is excellent and reasonably priced.
  10. Palmland

    Coscia, Koos, and Szabat confirmed for Amtrak board

    Trains' Newswire had this quote from Senator Moran: The vote came after U.S. Sen Jerry Moran (R-Kan.), who had been one of those placing a hold on the nominations over concern about the geographic issue, said in a statement earlier Tuesday that the White House had “committed to comply with the...
  11. Palmland

    Winter Park (Colorado) Express is back

    Yes, there were NP coaches on the Ski Train, in addition to the ATSF, UP, and DRGW. I believe the interior shot was one of the NP cars.That same winter we took the CZ to Bond (Orestod) where the junction is for the branch to Craig. After a 35 minute wait we got the Yampa Valley back (photo). It...
  12. Palmland

    Winter Park (Colorado) Express is back

    According to Google Maps a siding is still there although stops short of where the old sidings were and the Winter Park station. This prompted me to scan some slides I took when in college at CSU from the winter of 1967/68. My date (wife a year later) and I went there for the day. As you can see...
  13. Palmland

    Ethan Allen and Vermont Service

    Planning a trip to Burlington area this summer. Are the ex Metroliner cars with 2/1 seating still used on the Ethan Allan for business class seating?
  14. Palmland

    Auto Train discussion 2023 Q4 - 2024

    Well, a flexible schedule and planning ahead to avoid peak times helps. Our recent trip (Dec 22 northbound) in a bedroom cost $752 including auto. And, while it may not equal the Florida Special days, all recent trips have been on time, no problems with sleeper and excellent attendants. Diner...
  15. Palmland

    Why no elevated platform in Flagstaff?

    This appears to be a coach baggage car. Shouldn’t the conductor, ac, or coach attendant be standing there assisting if needed? I see them doing that every time I’m at our small town station. This passenger obviously needed assistance.
  16. Palmland

    Auto Train discussion 2023 Q4 - 2024

    I often wonder what the ridership on AutoTrain would be if the origin had been farther north, to perhaps the Jessup, MD area (via CSX where they have an auto unloading facility and yard) to avoid the misery of the Washington metro area. Of course the question would be if it would be possible to...
  17. Palmland

    Auto Train discussion 2023 Q4 - 2024

    Yes, that has been our experience. I guess what aggravated me was as 1 1/2 hours approached only a few of the non priority cars had been unloaded. There most have been some problem with the switching process as there was a long delay between the first and second track being spotted. But...
  18. Palmland

    Auto Train discussion 2023 Q4 - 2024

    That is a good point although I did not see him but presumably that’s who was on the intercom.
  19. Palmland

    Auto Train discussion 2023 Q4 - 2024

    A quick update on our recent Auto Train trip from Sanford to Lorton. We'd give this trip a B-. Our last one was an A. First the good things: Arrived 15"early; had a good sleeper attendant -young, energetic, and friendly; everything worked in our sleeper with no rattles or broken things (but...
  20. Palmland

    Auto Train discussion 2023 Q4 - 2024

    After 3 trips this year, that is accurate- although consist is reduced seasonally but in same order. And yes @jis Lorton is more efficient with entire train spotted on one track with Sanford requiring an extra switch for the two tracks.