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    New Gulf Coast Amtrak service (New Orleans - Mobile and Baton Rouge)

    Amtrak fought so long and hard and risked a great deal duking it out with the host railroads that wanted no part of it. The STB also invested a great deal in this. The railroads finally caved and the STB's credibility was confirmed. Big picture, it would be a mistake to drop the mic now. But...
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    Best Vintage Rides in East

    Visited the Illinois museum years ago and at the time it was great and plan to revisit sometime. Looks like it's only stepped up it's game.
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    Best Vintage Rides in East

    I did not. My mistake. Though I'm thinking it wasn't open when I was there, but that's been years ago as well.
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    Best Vintage Rides in East

    Where are the best places in the Eastern US to experience riding the rails in vintage 1940s and 50s rolling stock that is pretty much in its original configuration? Ideally somewhat accessible by intercity rail or other modes. I'm not talking about stock that is refurbished to modern standards...
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    Famous people with Railroad roots

    Frank Sinatra... Phil Collins... Kevin Costner...Bruce Springsteen...
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    Interesting facts and notes in old railroad magazines

    I sure wish I could have experienced the glory years of the all-Pullman trains. Problem is, if that could have happened I would (likely) be dead now. 😂
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    Business Class differences?

    That's a different take on bean counting.
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    Pittsburgh Amtrak Station past, present and future

    There are many Amtrak stations with two trains a day that have had such displays for years. Plus, in a couple of years we'll have the additional Pennsylvanian run.
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    Amtrak Business Class

    Well, I guess this woman believed it was appropriate to conduct her business in Business Class. And she was obviously passionate about her business. 🙂
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    Riding the T for free

    My father had several dozen of railroad and street car/interurban/transit books. I always remembered this one, for some reason: Change at Park Street Under : The Story of Boston's Subways
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    Sleeper accommodation discussion

    The last three times I have been in a bedroom, the sofa was facing he "wrong way." I'm not inclined to splurge if odds are the sofa doesn't face forward. Then again, maybe the odds are in my favor for the next one. ;)
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    California HSR

    I have not experienced the Siemans cars in service now but those seats look as they wouldn't be any more comfortable. You hope Siemans and CHSRA will learn from that negative reaction and look to improve the comfort. But, I understand, they are simply concept images and the vendor has yet to be...
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    Riding Amtrak for fun?

    I go to Philly and back a few times a year, often just overnight, occasionally for a long weekend to ride up and down the corridor. Never get tired of that dude across the Alleghenies, Lancaster County and the Main Line
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    Trapped on train at CUS?

    Bottom line, it's hard to imagine train staff overlooking someone sleeping at the final stop. It's also hard to believe that someone could sleep through the hustle and bustle and noise of announcements and other passengers gathering their "stuff" and detraining. I'm skeptical. But, if the story...
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    Tipping on Amtrak

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    Upgrade/Companion/Lounge Coupons: seeking, available, questions

    There obviously were because I called in and it was taken care of.
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    Upgrade/Companion/Lounge Coupons: seeking, available, questions

    With Select Plus they offer 48 hour upgrades.
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    Upgrade/Companion/Lounge Coupons: seeking, available, questions

    I am taking a Monday/Tuesday trip from Pittsburgh to NY/PHL on the Pennsylvanian. Am I wrong that I should be able to apply my 48 hour upgrade coupons to BC in the app? I tried to upgrade exactly 48 hours before the 7:30 departure but when I pulled up Trip Tools this was not an option. Retried...
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    Winter Storm 2024 cancellations

    Planning on a quick two day trip from to NY and Philadelphia from Pittsburgh Monday and Tuesday. What are the chances of weather disruptions out that-a-way? From what I can see now, could be 50-50. If I don't go, no biggie, but I do have a non-refundable hotel in Philly Monday night to be...