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    Amtrak Siemens Charger locomotive (SC44, ALC42, ALC42E)
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    Amtrak Dining and Cafe service discussion 2024 Q1

    The long distance traditional dining current product is quite decent. Just need to extend it to more trains.
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    Body cam footage from Starlight Christmas incident released Police have released the body cam footage per California law from the Christmas incident in the Starlight that resulted in police firing their weapon...
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    Superliner trains' removal and restoration of cars 2024?

    Any car assignment is subject to change when you buy way in advance for operational of business reasons - just like an airplane change can occur on a flight. Or they could pull a room out of circulation for training or crew or something. However what you are describing where they changed the...
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    Atlantic Coast (Silver/Palmetto/Carolinian) Service discussion 2023 Q4-2024

    97(21) is delayed due to people intentionally pushing boulders in front of the train in northern Maryland.
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    FRA Long Distance Service Study discussion

    Equipment would mean 2030s would be the most likely earliest realistic for LD expansion. The new equipment will likely take till then to start showing up and expanded routes would likely be equipped through options.
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    Atlantic Coast (Silver/Palmetto/Carolinian) Service discussion 2023 Q4-2024

    One thing that didn’t help in this case also is both 91 and 92 had been hit by trespasser/vehicle strikes and were 5 hours late so things were already screwed up when the derailment occurred.
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    FRA Long Distance Service Study discussion

    Correct - along with the sunset limited.
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    Atlantic Coast (Silver/Palmetto/Carolinian) Service discussion 2023 Q4-2024

    Probably no pilots available too. If memory serves isn’t there a significant chunk between Cary and Columbia that doesn’t see a lot of freight trains either. So CSX likely doesn’t have a very deep pool of crews to draw from either.
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    New Gulf Coast Amtrak service (New Orleans - Mobile and Baton Rouge)

    Withdrawing is not Amtrak’s choice to make. Its mission is to run passenger rail for people that want it - and pulling out would be a terrible move of bad faith with all the work the southern rail commission has done. Obviously if Mississippi and Mobile pull the funding then the game is over but...
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    FRA Long Distance Service Study discussion

    Interesting way to restore east of Mobile. Definitely better than re-extending the Sunset.
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    Letter from RPA regarding renomination of Samuel Lathem to Amtrak board on 1/25

    I suspect the one who will eventually be withdrawn and replaced by a non NEC state pick is Robin Weissmann. Lathem comes from organized labor, which is a requirement for one seat on the board, and David Capozzi (who was the other previous not yet confirmed Biden pick) was a representative from a...
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    Comparison of public funding for Amtrak vs. public funding for European passenger rail - Amtrak OIG analysis

    Amazing how low ours are and yet it’s a socialist marxist travesty according to Heritage and other similar ilk.
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    Comparison of public funding for Amtrak vs. public funding for European passenger rail - Amtrak OIG analysis

    Subsidies serve a public function and it's unfortunate that in this country they're a dirty word.
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    Brightline Trains Florida discussion 2024 Q1

    LYNX just announced a new proposed route to begin in April that could be convenient for last mile connections for Brightline to all the major destinations. It will run every 30 minutes between the airport, Sand Lake Drive Sunrail, Florida Mall, Destination Parkway, Idrive/Convention Center, and...
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    Lake Shore Limited discussion 2023 Q4 - 2024

    I amended my previous post - I was under the impression that it was flex meals both ways but I found out I was mistaken on the westbound lunch part. I’d go with the previous post. I believe they are correct - you get a choice of cafe entree, a snack item, and a beverage. I was correct on the...
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    Lake Shore Limited discussion 2023 Q4 - 2024

    It’s normally a new Viewliner 2 right now but it can be subbed with an old. You are correct on the scenery west of Springfield - very underrated pretty ride - in my opinion the most scenic part of the route if traveling Boston - Chicago.
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    Miami to Boston via NYC

    It’s easy to avoid the so called gate dragons from the lounge too. Once you know the track, just proceed to the elevators on the far end of the train hall near the ticketed waiting area - this is what the red caps do. Works every time and I often get down to the platform before it even gets on...
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    Amtrak and Vermont

    Maybe it’s so the equipment is more easily interchangeable at New York with other services.
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    Amtrak and Vermont

    I recently rode the Ethan Allen Express for the first time out of Burlington VT. The train is stored overnight in a small yard just south of the station. If you count its shove up from the yard to the station this train changes directions 3 times during the trip and thus runs with an engine on...