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  1. Qapla

    California Zephyr discussion 2023 Q4 - 2024

    I will be traveling between Chicago and Portland using the CZ in one direction and the EB in the other to get the opportunity to ride both trains
  2. Qapla

    California Zephyr discussion 2023 Q4 - 2024

    I guess I should have asked if EB or WB would provide better daytime views in September - November since that is the time period I am looking at Not sure of the exact timeframe ... trying for October
  3. Qapla

    California Zephyr discussion 2023 Q4 - 2024

    Which direction gives the best views on the Zephyr ... EB or WB?
  4. Qapla

    Why do long distance Amtrak trains travel at very low speeds?

    I'm sure if you were driving the Cabrillo Highway (1) and stopped 9 times at various minute markets along the way it would take much more than 7 hours to drive between those two places.
  5. Qapla

    The joys of driving

    I live in the country. Everywhere I go is a "drive in the country. I have lived here for most of my life. For many years I worked where I had to drive an hour and a half drive each way every day. Also, I used to deliver a free paper once a month for a number of years where I drove 1500+ miles in...
  6. Qapla

    The joys of driving

    I have driven from small sports cars to semi-trucks and heavy equipment and have logged several million miles behind the wheel. Nothing I have ever driven compares to the relaxation I get riding on the train ... and I have only ridden in coach.
  7. Qapla

    Trapped on train at CUS?

    I don't rely on others to let me know when to get off the train. Since the girl had a cell phone, if she had simply just set an alarm so she wouldn't oversleep her stop, this whole matter could have been avoided. This should be basic thinking and would have precluded the need to call Mom or 911.
  8. Qapla

    Wasington DC auto show

    Nice! Back in the early 90's I got the opportunity to do some work in an office for a different kind of car parts store. It was a parts dealer for Studebakers . The man who owned the cars had about 50 or so fully restored dating back to the late 1800's when they made carriages and buckboards...
  9. Qapla

    Will seat cushion need a doctor’s note?

    I think they are called "whoopee-cushions" 🤣
  10. Qapla

    Amtrak map has been mostly green lately

    With the winter storms hitting so bad right now, there have been a number of cancellations That being the case, the trains that are running are not as delayed as we might expect:
  11. Qapla

    Will seat cushion need a doctor’s note?

    Jacksonville weighs checked bags. I boarded in coach once on a trip to NY with a small roll on and a duffle I had bungeed to the top and they asked me if the combined weight was under 50 pounds. I pulled off the bungee and loaded them separately and they were happy with that. When I headed home...
  12. Qapla

    Brightline Trains Florida discussion 2024 Q1

    I'm not an engineer so I guess I don't really understand why longer arms and an equally balanced counterweight would drive the cost of gates that cover all lanes would be much higher than one that only covers half the lanes. Likewise, looking at how they are constructed, I also don't understand...
  13. Qapla

    Amtrak map has been mostly green lately

    A point that would reinforce that assertation that Amtrak can run on-time if the freight companies would let them instead of hindering them and then blaming Amtrak for running late.
  14. Qapla

    Amtrak map has been mostly green lately

    Although there has been some late trains and service disruptions, this map look far better than in the past
  15. Qapla

    Bid Up questions and experiences

    I took a day trip with my wife last week. The trip was only 90 minutes each way and the tickets were $11 each ... $44 round trip total. I received an email telling me I qualified for a low-cost bid to upgrade to a Roomette ... the bid started at $115 per person each way!!! We passed on that -...
  16. Qapla

    Brightline Trains West!

    It makes you wonder, when a Brightline train is sailing along in the median, how many car drivers will try to keep pace with the train
  17. Qapla

    Brightline Trains Florida discussion

    That applies to most any boat - not just yachts However, it is true, those with money and influence usually don't hesitate to use it to get their way ... thus, one of the reasons Brightline is 10+ years behind schedule
  18. Qapla

    Bring your own food options?

    Beef jerky work quite well since it does not require any refrigeration - especially if you make your own so you can control the quality of the beef and the amount of salt. If you do not have a peanut allergy, PeanutButter M&M's make a good take-along. They pack protein as well as the sweet...
  19. Qapla

    Viewliner 2 Toilet Troubles

    One of the problems is, some of the clogs are caused by paper/objects the passengers brought on board with them, not what Amtrak supplied.