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    Metroliner 9800 in DC

    Was the headlight on? Your picture does not show it on. If not on probably only a yard move.
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    Northeast Regional discussion

    It will take thousands of rider complaints for Amtrak to even consider changing seatings. As long as Amtrak can fill its limited consists then changing is a no brainer management will not change!
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    Brightline Trains Florida discussion 2024 Q1

    Interesting that Jan 2023 is almost same as Dec 2023. Jan usually a slow month compared to Dec. Have to wonder if the same would be true for Amtrak if it provided enough capacity?
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    Brightline Trains West!

    IMO the FRA and the various USA RRs have neglected the "KISS" principle!
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    Atlantic Coast (Silver/Palmetto/Carolinian) Service discussion 2023 Q4-2024

    Several posters have inquired as to why Amtrak does not qualify all crews in the area to be able to detour on the "S" line and NS RGH <> SELMA. Also SAV - Florence - Selma for normal "S" line crew. Surely there would be times when there is a surplus of crews on the Florence section. Also...
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    Progress on Kashmir Rail Link

    Can we assume that the smaller entrance to the left of the rail tunnel is for emergency evacuations? Any idea of how it is designed vs ones in Europe?
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    Long Distance (LD) fleet replacement discussion (2022-24)

    No matter what the exterior make it as much tagger proof as possible. That includes easily removed tags.
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    Should more small town & rural stations be built for Amtrak?

    The small town 'station stops are a real problem now. ADA makes it another ball game way too costly. Somehow ADA for small stations might need some kind of dispensation as the alternative is no station stop. An alternate would be one or 2 cars that have a full wheel chair lift. But still...
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    San Clemente landslide affects Pacific Surfliner 1/24/24

    Situation looks worse as slide still moving fouling tracks for freights as well.
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    San Clemente landslide affects Pacific Surfliner 1/24/24

    Forget any thru trains . Now even the freight trains cancelled due to slide not providing clearances for plate "H" cars.
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    Brightline Trains Florida discussion 2024 Q1

    Now if LYNX properly schedules the bus to / from Orlando airport that could be a real winner. Since the north bound and southbound trains arrive very close to same time at Sandlake that will supply connections both ways. Arrive from MCO 5 minutes before the trains and leave 5 minutes for MCO...
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    Amtrak Dining and Cafe service discussion 2024 Q1

    That is correct. That time line using 45 meal times would allow in a perfect world 7 seatings. So, serve about 300 riders. If needed then use part of lounge for meals. However, cannot imagine 300 riders wanting to eat in diner as many coach passengers are shorts or on budgets.
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    Amtrak Dining and Cafe service discussion 2024 Q1

    Amtrak should add the revenue capacity to its LD routes. More total passengers on a route would allow for justification to restore traditional dining. Posts seem to indicate that only 2 to maybe 3 seatings are on many of the LD routes. Carrying more passengers may call for seatings from 1630...
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    Passenger train service to Phoenix AZ.

    When UP starts bridge & culvert work then we will know a serious effort has begun.
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    Passenger train service to Phoenix AZ.

    One proposal that might be a win - win for everyone. 1. UP would completely clean all the ballast that is still in large amounts under the present tracks. 1a. UP update any culverts and bridges to increase capacity 2 - 4 times present design for possible large rain events. 2. Run a Sperry...
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    Tracking FY 2024 Ridership and Finances

    Amtrak ridership would have really increased from 2022 except for the problem of LOSSAN shut downs. Amtrak lost ~~ 4 million LOSSAN trips compared 2019 to 2023. State supported only increased by 1.1M rides to 16.5 million rides. FY rides were 32.5 M in 2019 vs only FY 2023 of 28.6 M. So, if...
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    Hydrogen fuel problems

    Shell oil closing its H2 stations due to several problems. Another blow to any long terrm supply chains/
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    Long Distance (LD) fleet replacement discussion (2022-24)

    That is especially able to use in off season times. At the Thanksgiving -thru New Years the equipment can fill out for that time's demand! Amtrak can use that equipment for expanding the safety patrol runs that are only going from West Palm to WASH. There were many school charters as well...
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    Replacement for B&P tunnel in Baltimore

    There has been alot discussion of why it will take so long. Here is a link to the NY MTA's Hell Gate work. Notice that although work started in Aug 2022 that the caissons are still not finished.