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  1. the_traveler

    Is Portland, OR Safe?

    From Union Station, take the Green or Yellow Line AT THE BACK OF THE BUS TERMINAL 2 stops to 3rd and Oak. It is about 2 blocks away. And as Penny said, it can be walked easily.
  2. the_traveler

    Silver Service changes?

    The only thing would be transportation to or from either Lorton or Sanford. The only way to get to or from the stations are by car. There are no trains or public transportation options.
  3. the_traveler

    Silver Service changes?

    How would they know the “if needed”?🤔 You can’t make a reservation to or from there on the other train!😳
  4. the_traveler

    Maple Leaf Question

    I think what is being referred to is with the very high rate of virus increases, some states are being referred to as “red”, states with a low rate as “green” and those in between as “yellow”. Think of a traffic signal.
  5. the_traveler

    Viewliner Sleeper Bathroom Question

    As do I. And I agree.
  6. the_traveler

    Viewliner Sleeper Bathroom Question

    Only if you qualify for the handicapped fare. If not, and you get it because it’s not sold just before departure, it’s sold at the bedroom rate!
  7. the_traveler

    Is Portland, OR Safe?

    Yes, MAX is great to reach by public transportation. It goes right to PDX (Airport) with the terminus of the Red Line right at the terminal. From PDX (Union Station), it is less than a 1/2 block walk to the Green Line and Gold Line stops at the Greyhound & bus terminal stops.
  8. the_traveler

    Silver Service changes?

    Fredericksburg is similar. The SM stops at FBG, but the SS just goes on by. And the northbound SM is ”D” only at FBG and ALX - why? It would make sense from WAS north, since they have to switch the locomotive, but why 55 miles south and 2 stops before WAS?
  9. the_traveler

    Amtrak Service Reductions

    The Adirondack is not running north of Albany at all. As I understand the reason is that with the border closed to all non-essential travel, it can not operate since there is no place to turn the train prior to the border. It will not reopen until late August at the earliest. The college at...
  10. the_traveler

    Viewliner Sleeper Bathroom Question

    My own opinion is that the VL H room is the best room on Amtrak, and the Superliner H room is the worst room on Amtrak.
  11. the_traveler

    3-day sale on reward travel

    That sounds like coach only!:( You also note the city pairs listed (like NYP-BOS) are coach only.
  12. the_traveler

    NER Business Class or Acela First Class--Best Bet for COVID Times?

    It was unlimited drinks in glasses, but as I understand it, you now get things in their original containers - like a bottle or can of Budweiser!
  13. the_traveler

    Amtrak PASS Program

    You do realize you quoted a post from over 9 years ago? 🤔 Many things have changed once then. Even that the Silver served real meals in real Dining Cars back then! Those were the good old days!🙂
  14. the_traveler

    Daily service (maybe)

    Tell that to those in Florida, Texas and Arizona today. Note that those states begin school in AUGUST! So that means everything will be fine and back to normal in the next four weeks!:rolleyes:
  15. the_traveler

    Viewliner Sleeper Bathroom Question

    If I go to take a shower and it’s being used, I normally just wait in the vestibule/doorway. The longest “Wait” I’ve had was maybe 2 minutes. I think I once saw a “line” (of 1 person), but most always it’s always open!
  16. the_traveler

    VIA Rail and bilevel cars

    I’ve only have been to Windsor once, back when the Adirondack departed from there before they switched to Gare Central. It was depressing - I think there were only 1 or 2 tracks!
  17. the_traveler

    Canadian and Ocean cancelled

    Hey, I lived 20 miles north of LHC for 7 years!
  18. the_traveler

    Viewliner Sleeper Bathroom Question

    The VL-2 has 12 roomettes and 2 restrooms, while the VL-1 has more roomettes. They took the space of a roomette and converted it to 2 restrooms. They also moved the SCAfrom room #14 to room #12.
  19. the_traveler

    Viewliner Sleeper Bathroom Question

    I never minded the in-room toilet. (It is sealed, even though it’s not enclosed.) I find it much easier to just close the hall door and curtain “and go” Especially if traveling solo. And much easier to do so at 3 am, instead of finding your pants and shoes, putting them on and either going...