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  1. sitzplatz17

    Amtrak Cascades Service discussion

    Seattle to Vancouver, BC is probably the prettiest section of coastal route in the US now. Until the Point Defiance bypass I would have argued that Tacoma - Olympia was the best, but now that that's not a thing anymore I'd say SEA-VAC wins it. Though that also depends on your taste, the...
  2. sitzplatz17

    Amtrak Cascades Service discussion

    I assume you mean Vancouver, BC? The Seattle, WA-Vancouver, BC route has been exclusively horizon sets since it resumed after the pandemic pause. At the moment it’s usually a cabbage, half business/half cafe car, 3 coaches, and 99% of the time a WA state Charger loco.
  3. sitzplatz17

    Brightline Trains Florida discussion

    I got the same email and was just searching around what the schedules look like since I might be in FL in mid September. But I live in Seattle so about as far away as you can get from Miami and still be in the lower 48! Curious to see if I get the premium credit code in the coming days…
  4. sitzplatz17

    New route in Northern California

    Am I reading correctly that this train won’t extend into SAC station but terminate just outside of Sacramento? What kind of hare brained half project is this? It seems like you’re missing one of the biggest connection points!
  5. sitzplatz17

    Coast Starlight hits truck in Ventura County CA, partially derails (6/28/23)

    Am booked on train 11 for tomorrow (7/1) from SEA and still haven’t received any cancellation notice? Also see that currently it’s still available for booking too…
  6. sitzplatz17

    PDX-SEA Charter

    Hi all, Curious to get some thoughts from the passenger rail brain-trust here. :) Am working on organizing some private travel for a somewhat large group of soccer supporters (200-300 people) between Portland and Seattle and back. In the past for this event we've always done charter buses, but...
  7. sitzplatz17

    Coast Starlight discussion

    Was just at King Street Station in Seattle and got word that there's been a landslide (again) between Kelso and Vancouver, WA. 11 (8) is in service disruption and 14 (7) is truncated to PDX.
  8. sitzplatz17

    Status of Surfliner Service between Oceanside and Irvine

    Am scheduled to take the 6:57am from Oceanside on Saturday morning. I take it I can expect a bus instead? Or what are the chances of this re-opening within 36 hours?
  9. sitzplatz17

    Coast Starlight discussion

    I did just see a CS set leave King Street station right around the usual departure time of 9:50am, but perhaps it was just headed back to the yard? Don't see anything on the tracker either, unless the set is moving empty down to Portland? Charger #320 was leading.
  10. sitzplatz17

    Brightline grade crossing incidents

    Looks like Bright Green had a nasty run in with a car carrier truck today: (looks like the original video i posted got deleted, so here’s a news article that just popped up) Service looks to...
  11. sitzplatz17

    Coast Starlight discussion

    11 just left Seattle on-time, but with a BNSF unit leading and a single P42 trailing. Are we hurting for locomotives that badly over here on the West Coast?
  12. sitzplatz17

    AGR Credit Card change (October 2022)

    Curious if anyone else is disappointed with FNBO? I was so hopeful when it was announced since I had pretty terrible experiences with BofA, but FNBO seems to be quite a step down. Their app and website seem to be even worse than the BofA site and it seems they don’t integrate with any third...
  13. sitzplatz17

    Long Distance (LD) fleet replacement discussion (2022-24)

    Precisely, and you free up a whole bunch of Superliners for the west. Probably one of the fastest ways to increase capacity on other trains. Also would add to the “premier“ feeling of the Auto Train to have their own rolling stock. How much would SEHSR shave off? I feel like the current timings...
  14. sitzplatz17

    Long Distance (LD) fleet replacement discussion (2022-24)

    Auto train might actually be a good candidate for the Stadler cars that Rocky Mountaineer uses since I don’t think it has any tunnels or other significant height clearances on the route? Besides, it kind of has its own captive fleet anyway.
  15. sitzplatz17

    Amtrak Siemens Charger locomotive (SC44, ALC42, ALC42E)

    Agreed, I think the ALC42Es will be a great solution for the next 20-30 years while (if?) electrification gains ground. Ideally Virginia would take over a good chunk of the WAS-RVR route and even build out the future SEHSR alignment and look to electrify. As you open more electrified routes, you...
  16. sitzplatz17

    Rumors about Amtrak move to the MIC at Miami International Airport

    Up here in Seattle I’m pretty sure the CS has an extended back up move to get to the wye as well. But they usually grab a Switcher from the yard to hook on the back to help with that. Perhaps that’s the plan for Miami then?
  17. sitzplatz17

    Coast Starlight Portland to Seattle

    I ride SEA-PDX about once a month and since the re-route away from the coast in November I wouldn’t say you’re missing much. I think you’d be fine getting off in Portland if you’re not interested in one city more than the other.
  18. sitzplatz17

    #14 (10/2) Service Disruption

    Am on 14 now, but there was some sort of issue with the engines. Just pulled out at 9:51pm. Gonna be a late night!
  19. sitzplatz17

    #14 (10/2) Service Disruption

    Thanks all. I did see the twitter messages but there wasn’t clarity on if 14 was going to actually continue on. Here’s hoping both 14 and 508 make it up to SEA.
  20. sitzplatz17

    #14 (10/2) Service Disruption

    Supposed to be taking this train PDX->SEA, over 5 hours late, now showing that it’s in service disruption. Anyone have details on if this or 508 is actually going to make it to SEA tonight? Or should I start looking for a hotel?