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    The economics of budget airlines don't make sense

    I have spent my entire working life in the airline industry with a regional airline in the accounting and finance departments. I'd just like to make a couple of points. 1) When a legacy carrier pays a regional airline to operate under the legacies name, it does guarantee a percentage of...
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    Longest flight experiences

    Looking to the future of long-haul flights, beginning in 2025 Qantas will begin a non-stop flight from Sydney to London Heathrow. The flight is scheduled to be 19 hours and will be the world's longest scheduled commercial airline flight in the world.
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    Restoration of New Orleans - Mobile - Jacksonville Gulf Coast Service

    They build about 20 miles of new track from the CSX line north of Bay Minette over to the short line track that runs from Atmore to Pensacola. Then they would need to upgrade that short line track. You would lose Atmore as a stop but that would cut out that Flomaton round about.
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    Amtrak delays

    Does anyone know what happened to make the Chief from 11/16 more than 9 hours late? Something happened at Fullerton, the very 1st stop to make it over 4 hours late.
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    Southwest Chief #3 10/24/22 Ft. Madison, Iowa

    I've just been watching a virtual railfan cam at Ft. Madison, Iowa. After everyone was boarded instead of departing the train just sat there. Of course everyone on the chat was wondering what was happening. After what seemed like 30 to 40 minutes, station people roll out a cart of pizzas. One...
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    Suggestion for Amtrak winter vacation spot?

    I would recommend Olympic National Park and the Cresent Lake Lodge. They have cabins with fireplaces and no TV's or phone.
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    Which webcam is your favorite to watch Amtrak trains?

    I enjoy watching the SWC at La Plata, Mo, Ft. Madison, Iowa, and Galesburg, Il.
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    Longest flight experiences

    My longest flight was a C5A flight from Kadena AB, Okinawa to Travis AFB in California. Flight was about 12 hours. No movie, only two cold boxed meals to eat and no windows
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    Southwest Chief derailment (June 2022)

    Aren't all trains supposed to start blowing horns 500 ft from the crossing. 90mph and 500 feet wont be but 3 to 4 seconds.
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    Restoration of New Orleans - Mobile - Jacksonville Gulf Coast Service

    I have thought about contacting some of CSX's largest stockholders and explain the problem and ask them to put pressure on CSX to drop their objections to the Mobile - NO service.
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    Downtown Hub for Amtrak in Atlanta proposed

    Georgia has 159 counties...
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    Amtrak goes straight to STB to restore Gulf Coast service.

    Somewhere back when Amtrak first announced the NO - Mobile service didn't CSX say that 8 - 10 more trains could be added on those lines without causing any congestion problems.
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    Lesser known Railroad Museums in small towns

    I would suggest the North Carolina Transportation Museum in Spencer, NC. The museum is mostly dedicated to Railroads but also has displays for cars and airplanes. They do seasonal train rides and have a roundhouse with a turn table. It has been a few years since I was there but I would consider...
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    Boeing to move headquarters to Arlington,VA.

    Dallas and Denver were considered. Chicago paid United $60 million over 20 years that is now ending. Boeing wanted to forge a new identity and to be closer to major customers...
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    Passenger Rail alternatives in Florida (FDOT and Amtrak)

    What I'd like to see is the re-instatement of a line thru Ocala, then to Tampa and instead of heading to Lakeland and Miami, go around the bay, then to Sarasota, Bradenton, Ft. Myers, Naples, and follow I-75 over to Miami.
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    Amtrak Board

    Don't these nominations need to be approved by the Senate?
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    Amtrak goes straight to STB to restore Gulf Coast service.

    I rode the Humming Bird in '68 from Birmingham going to Pensacola and the connection at Flomaton was a Greyhound bus, but not a dedicated one.
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    Stephen Gardner Appointed as Amtrak CEO

    Doesn't he have to be approved by the Senate.
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    Coke or Pepsi?

    Oh yes. RC and a Moonpie.
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    Avelo Airlines Set To Takeoff

    Avelo Airlines announced today they will begin operations from New Haven-Tweed Airport in the fall. Routes were not announced. However, they do plan to base about 100 staff at Tweed, including pilots, flight attendants, customer service personal staff and technicians. Tweed is about 55 miles...