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  1. PRR 60

    Northeast Regional discussion

    This my version of the Amtrak seat map that shows the windows more clearly. It assumes the break between the seat directions will be Row 8-9.
  2. PRR 60

    Amtrak Business Class

    The seat is assigned when the reservation is made. When your booking is complete, the reservation system picks your specific seat which is shown in your reservation details. You can then change that seat by going to your reservation online or in the app. A seat map will be displayed, your...
  3. PRR 60

    Amtrak Business Class

    For me, pre-assigned seating is the primary reason to book Business Class in the corridor. And, from my limited experience, it works well.
  4. PRR 60

    Canceling vs modifying a ticket bought with points

    Booking AGR points travel does not lock in the points cost if the trip is moved to a different date. AGR award travel paid with points is directly tied to the cost of the trip as if paid with money. Except when caused by cancellations or delays, re-booking to another date is repriced to the...
  5. PRR 60

    Philadelphia 30th Street Station Redevelopment

    It is not known. All current vendors have been invited to return, but the full line-up, including any new options, will not be announced until sometime next year. I agree that a full-service, sit-down restaurant would be a great addition.
  6. PRR 60

    Philadelphia 30th Street Station Redevelopment

    Philadelphia 30th Street Station is in the beginning stages of a multi-year, multi-multi million dollar redevelopment. Interesting article in the Philadelphia Business Journal concerning the current status of the project. The PBJ is behind a very hard paywall, so here are the highlights: Cost...
  7. PRR 60

    California Zephyr discussion

    Dinner reservations are solicited by the dining car staff a couple of hours prior to mealtime - midafternoon for dinner. They will first pass through the sleeping cars, and if space remains available, will go to the coaches. So, basically, they come to you. For coach passengers, dinner is $45...
  8. PRR 60

    Erroneous AGR Credit Card Payment Reminder Email

    Heads up to Amtrak FNBO card holders. I got an email from FNBO this morning (6/29). It was a reminder that my minimum $30 payment is due in five business days. This was odd because my account was paid in full weeks ago. The payment due date shown on the email is correct, but upon further...
  9. PRR 60

    I-95 collapse effect on SEPTA and Amtrak

    Using the temporary roadway, I-95 will reopen tomorrow (Friday, 6/23) at noon.
  10. PRR 60

    I-95 collapse effect on SEPTA and Amtrak

    Rode past the site this morning. Looks like the fill is within a few feet of final grade. My guess is the road reopens later this week with six lanes available. My over/under is Wednesday (6/21). If so, that would be 11 days. The fill material is a manufactured product called...
  11. PRR 60

    I-95 collapse effect on SEPTA and Amtrak

    PennDOT has released the restoration plan. Demolition of the damaged bridge will be completed tomorrow (Wednesday 6/15). The northbound Cottman Avenue offramp will remain closed for now. The removed bridge span will be temporarily replaced with fill and conventional pavement to provide six...
  12. PRR 60

    I-95 collapse effect on SEPTA and Amtrak

    PennDOT will announce reconstruction plans tomorrow (6/14). Demolition of the remaining southbound span and removal of debris started today.
  13. PRR 60

    I-95 collapse effect on SEPTA and Amtrak

    The walls you cite (abutments) have earth behind them. That, plus the fact that the heat goes up and more so than sideways means that, in all likelihood, the abutments are OK. If that is not the case, then this issue becomes much more complicated. But, if the abutments are OK, then replacing...
  14. PRR 60

    I-95 collapse effect on SEPTA and Amtrak

    I-95 through Philadelphia is not the primary route between New York and Washington. Most through traffic uses either the NJ Turnpike or, between NJ Turnpike Exit 7 and the Delaware Memorial Bridge, I-295 (toll-free). Even bus service between New York and Philly uses the NJ Turnpike from Exit 4...
  15. PRR 60

    Tracking ridership recovery (2022-2023)

    Monthly ridership and operating revenue data for the Crescent and the Texas Eagle from January 2018 until January 2023. Note the data is per month. Data scraped from the route-level results of the monthly performance reports.
  16. PRR 60

    Splitting ticket between coach and sleeper

    Not a fare rule violation at all. The downside is no dinner leaving Chicago and, if the crew follows the rules to the letter, you will not occupy your room until after midnight (or later if the train is not on time).
  17. PRR 60

    Bedroom for 1?

    I had a sleeping car attendant on the Zephyr tell me that there was a regular CZ rider who usually bought the bedroom suite (two bedrooms with the connecting door open) as a single passenger. He would have one room set up as a bedroom and the other as an office with computer and cell phone...
  18. PRR 60

    California Zephyr discussion

    It is possible. The Zephyr has two full sleeping cars - cars 531 and 532, plus eight(?) revenue roomettes in the dorm - car 540. When a car is removed due to equipment or staff shortages, car 532 is the one that goes. You could call and try to move your reservation to 531 or 540. Or just...
  19. PRR 60

    Mechanical Solari Board to return to Philadelphia 30th Street Station

    My guess is that when (if?) it returns to 30th Street, it will be a special display perhaps rotating through a programmed loop of legacy Pennsylvania Railroad trains in the north waiting room. It was a neat contraption, but I bet that thing was a mechanical nightmare to keep working. Then...
  20. PRR 60

    AGR Credit Card change (October 2022)

    It is available on the website. Homepage, left menu listing, "View Statements". Brings up the list of available statements for download.