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  1. Gary Behling

    Coach restrooms

    Any time I go to use the toilet, I always bring spray Lysol and 2 paper towels to clean the toilet seat (top and underneath) because so many men pee on them cuz they are too lazy to lift the seat
  2. Gary Behling

    Greyhound trip - Portland, OR to Pittsburgh / Chicago to Cleveland to New Orleans

    I don't mind riding a bus for trips 600 miles or less, but NOT if I paid AMTRAK over $2,000 for a 1st class deluxe bedroom and they are trying to shuttle me from San Antonio to Dallas because there was some problem with the Texas Eagle going north (or some similar situation) which has happened...
  3. Gary Behling

    California Zephyr discussion

    Ya know, sometimes we need to give people and companies a little space and refrain from constant criticism when conditions are such when little can be done other than to provide the basics. It's when the basics can't be provided that aggressive criticism is merited.
  4. Gary Behling

    Empire Builder discussion

    Thank you. This is exactly what I wanted to know. Now I can make my plans
  5. Gary Behling

    Empire Builder discussion

    Since this is a discussion about the Empire Builder I would like to ask a question. I am planning a trip next year and part of the trip is the Empire Builder from either Seattle or Portland to Chicago. Is there anyone who has taken the trip from both starting points who has an opinion on...
  6. Gary Behling

    Amtrak delays

    I actually like it when the train is late because I get to spend extra time in my bedroom watching movies on my computer in an altered state of mind. But this route thru Tucson (where I live) is a different deal. Riding the Train from Tucson to Chicago --- or the exact reverse is a big big...
  7. Gary Behling

    Boarding/alighting from a car different from the car one is assigned to

    Can you imagine all the foot traffic in the narrow aisles if people got on any car they wished, hauling their luggage through several cars, dining cars, lounge cars etc just to get to the cars they THINK they belong in and asking Amtrak employees if this was their car? NO-- you proceed to the...
  8. Gary Behling

    Texas Eagle vs Southwest Chief

    Living in Tucson, the Texas Eagle is a train I have taken to Chicago often. Depending on the time of arrival in San Antonio, I get off the train there and take a taxi to a nice Mexican Restaurant (not fast food) and get a big plate of 4 enchiladas, plus an extra plate of beans and rice and 6...
  9. Gary Behling

    The effect of the potential rail strike on Amtrak

    In my opinion, anyone riding Amtrak 1st Class should simply delay any long distance train trips for at least one year until Amtrak gets their business running correctly. If I spend over $2,000 for a one way trip, having to make those reservations months in advance just to get them, reserve...
  10. Gary Behling

    Texas Eagle/Sunset Limited Consist from Los Angeles to Chicago

    Since I live in Tucson on this route, I have a question I would like to ask of you since you travel this route often. On the LAX to NOL trip, how often have you seen travelers going from LAX to Chicago (or stops in that direction) have to get off the train at San Antonio and take buses North to...
  11. Gary Behling

    Date meals became included with Amtrak sleeping car fares?

    They were in 1979 when I did my 1st Chicago to LA trip
  12. Gary Behling

    Texas Eagle Question

    If I were getting on the train in Austin, I would have a fresh plate of Franklin BBQ with me and certainly wouldn't be thinking of Pizza in Dallas.
  13. Gary Behling

    Superliner trains' removal and restoration of cars (2022-2023)

    Your scenario may just be true. I just wish that Amtrak as well as all others would just tell the actual truth about these matters rather than giving some non-informative spin for the sole purpose of avoidance of an admission of blame for the root cause of the problem. I think everybody would...
  14. Gary Behling

    Superliner trains' removal and restoration of cars (2022-2023)

    Just out of curiosity, in regard to those whose sleeping car reservations were cancelled, is there any way to possibly avoid this situation by either making your reservations 11 months in advance OR by knowing which sleeping car most likely might be cancelled so as to make your reservations in a...
  15. Gary Behling

    Bedroom bookable for zero points?

    I certainly am also having this exact same trouble. It makes it very difficult trying to plan a new train journey when you are wanting to use multiple different trains
  16. Gary Behling

    Booking online on Amtrak website

    I also have been having trouble. My issue is this. When I try to check how many points it will cost me for any bedroom on the particular route I want to take, the site will display only the points needed for the cheapest bedroom. If I click the deluxe bedroom or the Family bedroom, it displays...
  17. Gary Behling

    Comparison of Amtrak vs. other transport mode

    Why does it matter if he is a pastor? I'm a fork lift driver and I believe I would enjoy a trip exactly like the one you describe since I would be in my comfy bedroom ---- not riding coach. I had an Amtrak experience 20 times worse than that and yet I come back and back and back again. I will...
  18. Gary Behling

    First time on California Zephyr in Roomettes in Transition Car: Questions

    Thank you. This is exactly the information I was hoping to find. When you spoke about the bushes--- I was 100% convinced.
  19. Gary Behling

    First time on California Zephyr in Roomettes in Transition Car: Questions

    Could you please tell me how you find this kind of information and these diagrams? Is it located somewhere in the Amtrak website?