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  1. pennyk

    Hi to all

    Welcome to Amtrak Unlimited. I have a current neighbor who will be moving to Montezuma, Indiana. She said the nearest station to her is Crawfordsville also. (I cannot imagine moving from Florida to Indiana 🤷‍♀️ )
  2. pennyk

    New member, Working on some trips

    Welcome to Amtrak Unlimited. There are many opinions as to when to book in order to get the best price on rooms discussed in other threads. There is an entire forum devoted to new riders containing a...
  3. pennyk

    Atlantic Coast (Silver/Palmetto/Carolinian) Service discussion 2023 Q4-2024

    Generally the 10 car is a V1 and 11 car is a V2. However, I have heard that at times, both cars are either V1's or V2's.
  4. pennyk

    Brightline Trains Florida discussion 2024 Q1

    MODERATOR NOTE: Please keep your comments on the topic of Brightline Florida. Thank you for your understanding, cooperation and participation.
  5. pennyk

    Miami to Boston via NYC

    I always prefer odd roomettes on both Silvers regardless of the direction. If the car is a V1, the larger seat likely will be facing forward.
  6. pennyk

    Miami to Boston via NYC

    Yes, my preference is an odd roomette on the Meteor. The Meteor arrives in NYP much earlier than the Star, which provides more opportunities to connect to an Acela. Based on your original question, I assume you would be boarding a Silver in Miami and an Acela in NYP.
  7. pennyk

    Miami to Boston via NYC

    My preference would be to book the Meteor because it will be easier to connect to the Acela in NY (unless you plan to overnight in NYC). My preference for roomette location is odd numbered roomettes, which will likely be on the east side of the train. There is an entire forum here with great...
  8. pennyk

    Brightline Trains Florida discussion 2024 Q1

    The Brightline station is located at the airport. Amtrak Orlando is just south of downtown and west of Orange Avenue. Depending on the route, the distance is between 10 and 20 miles (with traffic). It is possible to take SunRail to Sand Lake Road then a Lynx (city) bus to the airport. That...
  9. pennyk

    New member, long time railfan

    Welcome to Amtrak Unlimited
  10. pennyk

    California Zephyr discussion 2023 Q4 - 2024

    I prefer westbound, although I enjoy eastbound also.
  11. pennyk

    First long trip on Amtrak (SAS to VAC)

    In May 2017, I traveled on Amtrak from Orlando, FL to Vancouver, BC for an Alaska cruise. I traveled from ORL to WAS to CHI to SEA, spent the night in SEA then the VAC, spent the night in VAC then boarded the ship for Alaska. Once in Anchorage, I took the Alaska RR to Fairbanks, then a cruise...
  12. pennyk

    Cafe Beverages with Traditional Dining

    I am guessing that you will not be able to get a White Claw in the dining car, however, every crew is different. Traditional dining is different from Flex Dining. On one of the Silvers, I tried to get a brand of beer during dinner that was served in the cafe and I was told no. With regard...
  13. pennyk

    Amtrak Dining and Cafe service discussion 2024 Q1

    Coach passengers are not able to purchase meals on the Silvers as of now, unlike the Western trains.
  14. pennyk

    Electric and Hybrid road vehicles

    MODERATORE NOTE: please keep your comments on the topic of Electric and Hybrid road vehicles. Thank you for your cooperation, understanding and participation.
  15. pennyk

    G'day! I'm new here!

    Welcome to Amtrak Unlimited.
  16. pennyk

    New member out of Philadelphia area

    Welcome to Amtrak Unlimited.
  17. pennyk

    Tipping on Amtrak

    MODERATOR NOTE: Please keep your comments on the topic of Amtrak Tipping. Thank you for your cooperation, understanding and participation.
  18. pennyk

    New from Germany

    Welcome to Amtrak Unlimited. We hope you enjoy your cross country trip.
  19. pennyk


    Welcome to Amtrak Unlimited Frank.
  20. pennyk

    Tier status extended/bumped

    I have not received an email and am hoping to receive one informing me my status has been extended or bumped.