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    Amtrak California Cancellations Q1 2024

    CS 14 seems to be originating in EMY today (shows cancelled for northbound trips south of there), but the yesterday's southbound 11 is still showing as good to arrive to LAX today.
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    Riding Amtrak for fun?

    You caught my feelings on it perfectly Matthew. Last year I got the $300 sale pass and spent 30 days riding the Crescent southbound, Sunset Limited, Southwest Chief, Zephyr, Coast Starlight, Empire Builder, Lakeshore Limited to Boston, a NER, and then the Carolinian. I spent many days watching...
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    Historical Amtrak equipment and travel experiences

    It's a thicket of info for sure. Glad to hear you figured it out. It's similar to a couple of other NC counties where I have gone down a rabbit hole of plats, maps, deeds and transfers.
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    Historical Amtrak equipment and travel experiences

    It looks like the deeds <1982 are not indexed, hence the missing date. The depot GIS property record shows a deed reference of: book 3123, page 69. If you look that up in the non-indexed deeds section of the Guilford Real Estate records site, it shows a quit claim transfer of ~1.9 acres on E...
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    Baggage Storage at Emeryville, CA?

    EMY has baggage storage. Just ask at the counter, pay $10 per bag and they will hold it for 24 hours.
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    Short lived, temporary and seasonal stops

    The North Carolina state fair has a seasonal stop - NSF.
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    California Zephyr discussion

    Davis is worth considering if you want a smaller town. Or Sacramento for a bigger city.
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    USA Rail Pass questions

    Like Septa9739 said, it depends on what you want. Is it transportation to the destinations, or is if the rides/miles that are your goal? I just did 13k miles in 27 days on the pass. Rode all the long distance routes I could manage, and it was fantastic. After 2 days at home I would have gone...
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    Coach restrooms

    Maybe I got lucky, but riding 6 LD routes end to end and part of 2 others last month there were only a couple of rides with really trashed restrooms in coach. One route (pretty sure it was SWC) the attendant cleaned and restocked the restrooms 6 or more times on the trip, and announced each...
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    California Zephyr discussion

    South side (left on the westbound) seemed better overall to me. I was on it last week and was happy to be on the left side most of the time. It seemed like Glenwood Canyon specifically, and the climb over the Sierra Nevada were a bit better on the North side (right). Fortunately we had some...
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    Chicago Union Station discussion

    No Parcel Check available today. The reason given was that they don't have an area to secure the bags. Kinda lame. The ticketing guy recommended an app called StoreMe, but there were no nearby locations. Fortunately an app called Bounce has a similar service, and one of the locations was a...
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    Changing to an earlier connecting train at the last minute

    Different region, but I just did this on a Capitol Corridor train in Oakland. I was a bit early and my train and the one before were delayed. When the earlier train pulled in I asked the conductor if it would be ok for me to ride. He said sure and told me which car. No hesitation, no problem...
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    Empire Builder discussion

    Yeah, that's what I expected. I was on the 8 from Seattle, but when we joined the Portland route they had no cafe.
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    Empire Builder discussion

    On the Eastbound EB (departed Seattle 2/12) in coach, and no Cafe/Lounge is a huge bummer. They are providing some snacks from the dining car at least. I'm on a big USA Pass trip and this is the first real drag in all the LD routes so far. Edit: Hilarious. Just as I get done complaining they...