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  1. desertflyer

    Sleeper accommodation discussion

    Thank you for catching this. I did two bedrooms on the same trip and mixed them up. I've updated the photos. Unfortunately I didn't get any with the lower bunk down in the A room. Please see the updated photos. Embarrassingly I had uploaded the wrong photos originally.
  2. desertflyer

    Sleeper accommodation discussion

    It is slightly narrower, but you only have a neighbor on one side and no sliding door to rattle during the trip. The biggest issue for me is the space between the bottom bed and the sink was tight. I personally like bedroom A! Edit: updated the photos, sorry for the confusion.
  3. desertflyer

    California Zephyr discussion 2023 Q4 - 2024

    Looks like a big storm is coming to the Sierra with forecasts showing 4-10ft of snow possible between Thursday 2/29 - Sunday 3/3. I wonder if Amtrak will be proactively cancelling service? Some friends of mine are taking their first ever trip on the Zephyr crossing the Sierra on Saturday. 😬 SF...
  4. desertflyer

    Sleeper accommodation discussion

    Yeah, 2 is generally fine, I'm booked in it for two upcoming trips with no intention of changing. I really don't mind rooms 9 or 10 at all and have never noticed the door noise some people complain about. In reality, they're all pretty much fine IMO!
  5. desertflyer

    Sleeper accommodation discussion

    In all my years on Amtrak travel, most of it in Superliners, I've never seen the attendant in any room except for #1. Personally, Roomette #2 is my least favorite in the entire car because of the proximity to the upstairs bathroom, but even then I don't mind it too much, but I don't think I'd...
  6. desertflyer

    Would the Golden Gate Bridge have been able to support a BART train?

    I currently sit on the Golden Gate Bridge Pedestrian and Bicycle Advisory Committee. It's really interesting to hear the history of the bridge, how it was funded, and how that all factors into the way the bridge district operates today, a lot of which you've all already discussed in the thread...
  7. desertflyer

    Siemens Caltrans/IDOT Venture design, engineering, testing and delivery (2012-2023)

    The inaugural run didn't make it to Bakersfield thanks to a car crash. A bit poetic.
  8. desertflyer

    Siemens Caltrans/IDOT Venture design, engineering, testing and delivery (2012-2023)

    A tweet from someone onboard.
  9. desertflyer

    California Zephyr discussion 2023 Q4 - 2024

    Your train will also do this in Truckee and in Colfax. The Sunset Limited does this in Maricopa (3 stops because of the Texas Eagle on the back). I'm sure there are more, those just come to mind. As far as I know, it usually boils down to something or other with the host railroads and/or funds...
  10. desertflyer

    California Zephyr discussion 2023 Q4 - 2024

    Yesterday 11/16, train 6 left Emeryville with a couple of P42s on the back. Anyone know how far they went?
  11. desertflyer

    Bedroom amenities

    Towels, washcloths, bar soap, shampoo, and lotion are provided.
  12. desertflyer

    Empire Builder discussion

    I got a notification from Amtrak that there is a freight derailment around Detroit Lakes, MN causing a Service Disruption. It's a rough summer for the Builder.
  13. desertflyer

    Empire Builder #8 (23) Derailment

    Some people have said that it's difficult to engineer for because the temperature changes quite a lot in a short period of time.
  14. desertflyer

    Coast Starlight discussion

    I'm traveling on the CS and EB over the next couple of weeks and I'm sure glad my credit card has decent travel insurance.
  15. desertflyer

    Empire Builder discussion

    When I bought the ticket, Amtrak wasn't selling the Starlight to Builder connection (I'll be overnighting in Seattle instead, part of the fun and get to visit family), but for my return Amtrak was willing to sell the Builder to Starlight connection. Any of the above options sound relatively...
  16. desertflyer

    Empire Builder discussion

    In early August I'll be doing the Empire Builder 27 to Coast Starlight 11 connection at Portland. Looking at the last 60 days, on days the EB operated it made the connection all but twice. In the event we do miss the connection, I'm wondering if Amtrak has still been busing connecting passenger...
  17. desertflyer

    "Stowaway" on California Zephyr

    For me, the most surprising part of this is that there is a transdorm on the back of the Zephyr.
  18. desertflyer

    Suluki/Illini consist

    We used to have some of these snack-coaches on the Capitol Corridor, but I'm pretty sure they've all been returned to Amtrak at this point.
  19. desertflyer

    Effects of Vermont floods (July 2023)

    Sorry, didn't mean to spread confusion. I've edited the post above to be more clear. It still shows the impact of this storm, but not the impact on Amtrak.