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    Private Car Pair on Amtrak #5(21)

    Those are excellent pictures you took of our train! I was on the private cars. My roomette was supposed to be aboard the Cimarron River, but was in the Salisibury Beach instead. Salisbury Beach was a last minute addition to the train as the Cimarron River was bad ordered. Catalpa Falls stayed...
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    Private Car Pair on Amtrak #5(21)

    On the California Zephyr departing Chicago on June 9, there will be 4 private cars: Catalpa Falls, Berlin, Cimarron River, & Super Dome.
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    Amtrak taking first step on Meridian Speedway LD service

    They did, but on 2 different routes. The Crescent ran Atlanta to New Orleans via Montgomery and Mobile, while the Southerner ran Atlanta to New Orleans via Birmingham and Meridian. The question is, does the Crescent's current route west/south of Atlanta (the former Southerner route) have enough...
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    Crescent alternative to NOL; roomette questions

    If you live in Lake Charles, why not have a friend or family member drop you off at the Lake Charles Amtrak Station and take the Sunset Limited to New Orleans a day or two before your Crescent trip and back home to Lake Charles after your trip?
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    Hotels at Amtrak connection points nationwide

    There is an Embassy Suites immediately next door to King Street Station in Seattle. All you have to do when you get off the train is walk out the entrance of the station and cross the street. In New Orleans, the Hyatt Regency and Holiday Inn are only a 2-3 blocks away. In New York City, Hotel...
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    Texas Eagle Consists

    The City of New Orleans still has a Sightseer Lounge in the consist, but they do not use the lower level for the cafe. The CONO also never changed its consist due to the Pandemic, in part due to the CN's axle rule (All Amtrak Trains running on the CN main line must have a minimum 30 axles)...
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    Food Delivery to Denver Union Station

    There are several restaurants, including a couple of quick service restaurants inside Union Station. According to Denver Union Station's website, all restaurants are open for takeout and most are also allowing dine-in customers now.
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    Connection Guarantees with Tri-Weekly Service?

    IIRC, if the northbound Coast Starlight #14 is running late enough, they will bus connecting passengers from Klamath Falls to meet the eastbound Empire Builder #28 in Pasco.
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    Amtrak 5 and 6 via Wyoming

    As per Amtrak Alerts today, the California Zephyr is once again detouring and no longer terminating in Denver and Grand Junction: @AmtrakAlerts California Zephyr Train 1105 that departed CHI on 8/13 will operate on a detour from DEN to SLC due to ongoing wildfires. All stops between DEN & SLC...
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    Whats the earliest you can board the train?

    If you are on the #1 sleeper, the train will not arrive until 12:45 AM. #21/421, the Texas Eagle, arrives into San Antonio at 9:55 PM. #1, the Sunset Limited, arrives at 12:45 AM. If both trains are on time, you should be able to board around 1:00 AM
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    Top railroad museums in the country

    Actually, you can get to the Illinois Railway Museum with public transit now using the McHenry County McRide Service. Taken directly from the IRM's website: "IRM is now accessible by public transit! Take MCRide, the county Dial-A-Ride service, to IRM from any location in the MCRide Service Area...
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    Cancelled Via Train

    As the border between Canada and the United States is currently closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. All cross-border trains are cancelled for at least the Canadian portion of the route. The Maple Leaf, for example, is currently running only from New York City to Niagara Falls, NY. The...
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    Amtrak Line Plans FY20-25 Released

    I wouldn't mind this if part of the order were to include dome cars for the trains, such as the classic vista-dome style for the western trains and something like Canada's panorama cars for the eastern trains.
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    Who travels in the Sleeper Cars?

    I fall into both the avid railfan and handicapped categories. On overnight trips I always book a roomette for several reasons. First is the privacy, especially at night. Second, I sleep with a CPAP machine, which is very difficult to set up when sitting in coach. Third, the meals are included in...
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    Amtrak axle count discussion

    I doubt that they will remove any cars from the CONO, if simply because of the CN axle rule on that route that requires a train to have at least 30 axles. If they remove any cars off of the CONO, it will have less than 30 axles. Current Consist = ONE Engine + SEVEN Cars = 32 axles.
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    Bonnet Carre Spillway opened again at 1pm 5/10/19

    The Sunset Limited does not cross the trestle over the Bonnet Carre Spillway, only the City of New Orleans does. The SL is still running into and out of New Orleans without a problem as it crosses the Mississippi River on a 150-foot-tall bridge (Huey P. Long Bridge). This won't matter in a...
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    Piedmont Joy Ride -- Where to turn

    I highly recommend getting off at Salisbury and taking the short taxi ride to the NC Museum of Transportation! It's one of the largest transportation museums in the country and it offers train rides around the museum aboard vintage equipment. It is housed in the Southern Railway's former Spencer...
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    City of New Orleans Bustitution (ended)

    The reason that the CONO does not turn in Hammond is that there are no facilities to service the train or refuel the locomotives there. In Jackson, there is a major CN rail yard where Amtrak can refuel the locomotives to get them ready for the return trip north. Also, if Amtrak turns the CONO at...
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    City of New Orleans Bustitution (ended)

    The construction of the new CN bridge has already begun. They have been working on the new bridge for a couple of months now. The new bridge will be all concrete, so it will be much stronger than the old wooden bridge, which was built by the Illinois Central in 1936.
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    City of New Orleans Bustitution (ended)

    I received a call from Amtrak about my reservation next week (March 5) on the City of New Orleans from Hammond, LA, to Chicago. The agent informed me that the train has been cancelled between New Orleans & Jackson, MS, and that I would be on a Thruway Bus from Hammond to Jackson to board my...