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    AGR Credit Card change (October 2022)

    Look at credit karma or experian and see if you have a new account in your name that you did not open..
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    AGR Credit Card change (October 2022)

    I use Safari on my 2015 Mac , no issues.
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    AGR Credit Card change (October 2022)

    I received points today. I double checked and it was spot on. had several dining charges and confirmed double points.. I'm happy.
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    AGR Credit Card change (October 2022)

    All transitioned well, I also liked the running total on purchases that the BofA showed. The app and mobile app work well.
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    AGR Credit Card change (October 2022)

    I got the card today. I tried to create a FNBO account, can't do yet I guess you have to wait until the 23rd. I also downloaded the mobile app.
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    AGR Credit Card change (October 2022)

    I just saw in USPS photo of daily mail that the new cards will be here today or tomorrow.
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    Train Tracker - Trainspotting Tool

    Waze app works well on the train.
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    Empire Builder #8 struck vehicle 11/10/21

    You people in the rear put your masks on.. conductor lady is not happy with you…
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    Empire Builder #8 struck vehicle 11/10/21

    I’m in car 830 towards front…
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    Empire Builder #8 struck vehicle 11/10/21

    Update. Amazon vehicle non injury. Rear part of vehicle is stuck on engine. Crew is en route to remove it..
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    Empire Builder #8 struck vehicle 11/10/21

    I am on #8 approx. 30 min from Milwaukee and we just struck a vehicle at River Valley Rd. Train made emergency stop, We don’t know status of vehicle or occupants . No injuries on train as far as I know..
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    Tipping on the EB

    For a roomette I would also tip 10-20. Depending on service. A room $20 per night... For the most part service on the EB has been excellent..WIll be doing Seattle to Chi in Nov. I carry $200 in 5's for tips.
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    Rumors on Facebook about Amtrak removing 530/630 car line number

    I am on the #5 in November , 531 car..
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    Speed Tracking App

    Waze will do it also.. I have used it on Amtrak on previous trips.
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    Laptop in Café car

    I agree with your assessment...
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    AGR Website

    I have all the same issues.. Mac Mohave 10.14.5. I also tried a chrome book, nothing works.. I want to book a trip in Oc/Nov hopefully they get this fixed soon..
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    Empire Builder Timekeeping Struggles

    I would like to know also...I'm on the #8 next week..
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    Starlight: Business Class Eugene to Sacramento

    I make that same trip twice a year for the last three years. I have never been assigned a seat the most I have ever seen in business class is 21 people, the car seats 60. You should have no difficulty sitting anywhere you want to.
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    Complaining -- mail, phone or email

    Maybe I am missing something here, the OP states that she has complained by mail, phone and email.. Is she ever satisfied?? I have been on quite a few trips the last 3 years and not had anything to complain about. Maybe she should try another mode of transportation..
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    Craziest Drama on Amtrak you've seen?

    I identify myself as retired LEO to the LSA or conductor. They have told me they really appreciate having LEO's on board. Recently on the CS the conductor and I moved quickly thru several cars to an unknown problem. Turned out to be nothing.. He told me if I was needed he would page me on the...