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  1. SwedeC

    Italy's Frecciargento Rail from Bari to Lecce on Tuesday!

    Last July from Rome to Bologna, we took train Frecciarosso 9524, business class, carriage 3, seats 13D & 14D from Rome Termini to Bologna Centrale (307 km, 190 miles) with a brief stop in Florence. Florence is a stub-end terminal; the driver stops then walks to the other end of the train and...
  2. SwedeC

    Hotels convenient to Amtrak

    My nomination for a great railroad hotel is one you can't access using Amtrak - Nashville's Marriott Signature Hotel in the former Nashville Union Station. Beautifully restored, bar and good restaurant in the building. Check-in desk has the old arrivals board on the back wall, showing the Pan...
  3. SwedeC

    Rail stations at Airports

    An on-call shuttle bus to the terminal from the depot (&vv) would suffice at SD.
  4. SwedeC

    Boarding the Indian Pacific in Sydney, Australia!

    Here's a 30-second video of the Nullarbor Plain from the IP, for those who haven't seen it.
  5. SwedeC

    Amtrak long distance fares 2021-2023

    Ah, so!! Thanks for the great explanation.
  6. SwedeC

    Amtrak long distance fares 2021-2023

    Someday, someone will define "bucket" prices and "bucket" trips so the newer participants can understand.
  7. SwedeC

    AAPRCO in Chicago

    Beautiful yellow & green engine. 😃
  8. SwedeC

    Picturesque Small Town Stops on Amtrak Routes

    Holland Michigan definitely has the small-town feel with a downtown still vibrant.
  9. SwedeC

    Irish rail trip possibilities

    Another reason for flying home from Dublin is that you pass American Immigration & Customs in Dublin; thus your flight is a "domestic" flight arriving in the States. I always try to return via Dublin. Oops. Failed to see this had already been mentioned.
  10. SwedeC

    Lesser known Railroad Museums in small towns

    Sad about the Wichita Falls museum. They have/had a bunch of rolling stock. Another small RR museum is in Folkston, GA (the place called the Folkston Funnel since most Florida-bound traffic goes through there). There are places to sit and listen to the RR radio traffic approaching.
  11. SwedeC

    Gas prices where you are located?

    One thing regarding big oil taking risks. We could be having lower prices in the future but those who drill and those who build refineries are scared crap-less over what this changeable administration might do. If I put in a few billion to build a new refinery I want assurance that I'll be...
  12. SwedeC

    Amtrak long distance fares 2021-2023

    FYI: Business class airfare RNO-ORD runs around $1,100 today, $2,200 for two.
  13. SwedeC

    Steam excursions worldwide (2022)

    I'm happy to see the pictures above, brings back happy memories of our day on the Puffing Billy. Engine 14A pulled us up the hill in fog and mist.
  14. SwedeC

    Amtrak asks TSA to start screening rail passengers

    I'm not into people having details about me that I don't authorize. You say - no problem if you haven't done anything wrong. But this government can change criteria at a moments notice, then you have a problem. Never let Freedom die - it can't be recovered.
  15. SwedeC

    Private operation of long distance trains?

    Dare I mention Australia's private trains on public tracks? It was a pleasure to ride the Indian Pacific in a style reminiscent of our 1950's grand trains. Great Southern (the operator) seems to be doing well but I don't know to what extent the government corporation's track maintenance is a...
  16. SwedeC

    Electric and Hybrid road vehicles

    Has anyone addressed the expansion of the nation's electrical grid, and the expanded power generation, needed to power all these EV's? I can see it now, 400 sqft of solar panels to charge one car for ten hours and it can only be done during the day. A number of thoughts in this vein can be...
  17. SwedeC

    Trip to the Wales Coast and Ffestiniog Narrow Gauge Rwy June 1971

    I've ordered Talyllin Adventure from Several copies remain.
  18. SwedeC

    Trip to the Wales Coast and Ffestiniog Narrow Gauge Rwy June 1971

    We very much enjoyed the Royal Sportsman hotel in Portmadoc and the Ffestiniog RR. Blaenau station showing both guages of equipment.
  19. SwedeC

    Electric and Hybrid road vehicles

    My problem with owning an EV is my residence. I live in a condominium with a nice parking space in the first-floor garage. But how do I put a charging device at my parking space? I can't just plug into the 115v convenience outlets since that would deflect my costs onto all the condo owners...
  20. SwedeC

    Brighton, Sussex, England - Cafe recommendation

    We used a hire car from Heathrow to Brighton, about the same expense as the Heathrow Express, a cross-town taxi, the train to Brighton (sometimes clogged with outbound Gatwick people) and taxi to the hotel. It saved the luggage-handling and was somewhat scenic. After our stay we took the train...