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  1. brianpmcdonnell17

    Atlantic Coast Service discussion

    The connection from the CL to SS in Washington is available southbound but not northbound. That is presumably because of a shorter connection time northbound and a higher chance of delays on the SS. I have made the connection from 92 to 29 by booking separate tickets, but it's risky and often...
  2. brianpmcdonnell17

    FDA rules in cafe?

    In my experience, this seems to vary a lot by route. Except during the early stages of the pandemic when all seating was closed, I have never been stopped from eating personal food in the cafe on the Silvers or Crescent. I have also been able to do so on various state-supported trains...
  3. brianpmcdonnell17

    Resumption of Amtrak service to Canada (2022-2023 Q2)

    Has there been any indication as to which of the two Vancouver Cascades trips will be restored? I found an article specifying that there will initially only be one round trip per day, but it didn't mention which one.
  4. brianpmcdonnell17

    Pacific Surfliner BC will not have complimentary access to Metropolitan Lounge as of 7/15/22

    Yes; you can store baggage at the counter by the baggage claim for $10 per bag.
  5. brianpmcdonnell17

    Why don't they add more coaches?

    From the videos I saw, the first trip was using Amfleet Is and the following trains have been using Amfleet IIs, although I can't confirm if that has been the case every day.
  6. brianpmcdonnell17

    Anyone know what's up with the Maple Leaf bike service?

    Is there any difference between Amfleet I and Amfleet II equipment with regards to bikes? It appears that the Maple Leaf has switched back from Amfleet I to Amfleet II coaches with the resumption of service to Toronto, so I'm wondering if that's related.
  7. brianpmcdonnell17

    New York - Poughkeepsie Hudson River which side to sit on

    The river will be on the geographical west side of the train, which is the left side when going from NYC to Poughkeepsie.
  8. brianpmcdonnell17

    Resumption of Amtrak service to Canada (2022-2023 Q2)

    Has there been any indication of when service is expected to resume in December? I am planning a trip that involves going from Seattle to Vancouver that month and would prefer to do it by train if possible.
  9. brianpmcdonnell17

    Siemens Caltrans/IDOT Venture design, engineering, testing and delivery (2012-2023)

    350 is the morning Wolverine from Chicago to Michigan.
  10. brianpmcdonnell17

    MKE to BOS - Save money by booking separate legs?

    It is probably because of the two segments being in different fare categories. For example, if there is a saver fare available for the LSL but not the Hiawatha, the saver fare will not be applied for either segment when booked as a single ticket. However, when booked separately, you can get the...
  11. brianpmcdonnell17

    Guest in Metropolitan Lounge

    Is anyone here aware what the current policy is regarding bringing a non-traveling guest in a Metropolitan Lounge? I am taking the CL from Chicago next Friday and have a pass to access the lounge, which says that it is valid for me and one guest, but also that a same-day ticket is required...
  12. brianpmcdonnell17

    You never know what you will see

    Based on the tracking data from ASM, it looks like it was probably #79 (the Carolinian), which departed Petersburg only a few minutes before #92 arrived that day. If the OP mistook the business class car for a 5th coach and the baggage car for a dining car, the only difference from the standard...
  13. brianpmcdonnell17

    SSLs used as axle count cars

    I don't have pictures or specific dates, but I have seen SSLs being used as axle count cars on both the Illini/Saluki and CONO (in addition to the in-service SSL).
  14. brianpmcdonnell17

    Covid Mask Mandate for Transportation

    The Amtrak website hasn't been updated to change the guidance yet, but Amtrak is no longer requiring masks according to the articles below.
  15. brianpmcdonnell17

    Changes to Capitol Limited/Texas Eagle

    Does anyone know how yesterday's 21 departed Chicago on time? 29 was multiple hours late and ended up arriving after 21 departed.
  16. brianpmcdonnell17

    Michigan City, Indiana station closing 4/4/2022

    The Blue Water passes through the station. It might be the Pere Marquette you're thinking of, which does use different tracks through Michigan City.
  17. brianpmcdonnell17

    Changes to Capitol Limited/Texas Eagle

    This doesn't really change your point, but the SWC is less than 2,500 miles, as are the the EB and CZ.
  18. brianpmcdonnell17

    Miami Intermodal Center at Miami International Airport

    Could they just not sell tickets on any cars that are beyond the platform? For example, with the current SS consist that is 2 cars too long, they could just not sell space into Miami for the last sleeper (since the other car would be the baggage car). Given that the train is discharge only south...
  19. brianpmcdonnell17

    $66 billion for Amtrak

    The "public operating funding per new passengers" is the operating subsidy divided by the passengers added. It would be an advantage to have a lower number since that would indicate a more efficient route.