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    Amtrak Dining and Cafe service discussion 2024 Q1

    On my recent Coast Starlight trip, it was plastic utensils for all meals, even though they had the trays of real silverware set out in the kitchen area. We did have real glasses for our wine.
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    Winter 2023-24 Roomette Companion Sale

    When it came time to take my trip, my companion couldn't come along. When I checked in, I mentioned that I was traveling alone. To my surprise, the lounge attendant refunded me the Adult Rail Fair portion of the ticket for my friend.
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    Amtrak Dining and Cafe service discussion 2024 Q1

    I believe @west point is talking about expanding the dinner period (4:30 pm - 9:00 pm) rather than passenger numbers.
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    Winter 2023-24 Roomette Companion Sale

    Even with going through the Flash Sale page, I wasn't getting the discount. I had to call Amtrak to get the free companion fare.
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    Modifying/canceling a reservation

    Also check to see if the MARC service fits your schedule.
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    Amtrak Solar eclipse viewing April 8 2024

    In 2017, I met my family in Colorado and we went to Casper to see the eclipse. It took us 4 hours to drive up from the Denver suburbs the day before and at least 10 hours to drive back.
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    Caltrain in serious trouble

    There seems to be something wrong in their interpretation of the numbers from slide 12. I see it as saying that 93% of the lost riders are from the peak time period. From the numbers in that chart, peak ridership is down 81% and total ridership is down 74%.
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    East coast ski resorts accessible by Amtrak and local bus

    The Roundtop Mountain Resort might be an option
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    Mechanical Solari Board to return to Philadelphia 30th Street Station

    Unless they display train names of long ago that once graced the board: the Broadway Limited, the Morning Congressional, the Duquesne, the Manhattan many possibilities!
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    Amtrak delays

    29 didn't arrive particularly late (less than an hour). Usually the tweets will say "delayed due to the late arrival of inbound equipment". There were several tweets with the "late release" wording this past weekend for several trains from CHI, but now they've all disappeared. I was wondering...
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    Amtrak delays

    I noticed that Tweets this weekend from CHI started used the wording "the late release of equipment from the train yard". Are they calling attention to something?
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    Date meals became included with Amtrak sleeping car fares?

    Gene Wilder wrote down his dinner order in Silver Streak (1976) and Jill Clayburgh complimented him on his penmanship.
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    Advice on whether to take Amtrak in January?

    Would your DCA-EWR flight be on the same carrier? If so, you may have more protections if the first leg is delayed or canceled.
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    Rail stations at Airports

    It's not a particularly easy way for people to transfer from the VRE station to DCA, with at least a mile-long roundabout walk. A proposed pedestrian bridge would make this easier.
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    Rail stations at Airports

    DFW has multiple terminals (each with their own security checkpoints) that are connected by the SkyLink system that is inside security.
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    Empire Builder disruption due to freight derailment (5/1/22)

    This train has had the worst luck lately! Another cancellation between Whitefish and Spokane on 5/2. Although this time, the Amtrak Alert tweet was pretty odd, suggesting that 8/28 would be detouring.
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    Failure of toilets and other facilities onboard

    I was on the Cardinal in a bedroom a few years ago departing a very cold Chicago. While the toilets worked, both my shower and the shared shower didn't.
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    Amtrak long term service cancellations and restorations (2022-2023H1)

    I was on one of the canceled Empire Builder trains and got the fare fully refunded last month. A few days before my original departure date, I still got an alert reminding me of my upcoming trip and the covid email. One hand doesn't know what the other is doing...
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    Amtrak long term service cancellations and restorations (2022-2023H1)

    The overnight NEC trains 66 & 67 aren't resuming until 5/23 and 5/24
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    Trains reversing at terminal stations

    The Vermonter does a backup move at Springfield on the tracks south of the station. The northbound backs out of Springfield after the station stop and the southbound backs in before the station stop.