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    Lake Shore Limited to Empire Builder connections

    The only CUS north side tracks Amtrak normally uses are 17 and 19. 1 through 15 (odd numbers) are Metra and at rush-hours their use is pretty tightly choreographed. 17 is a stub and 19 is a run-through so 19 is preferred for the EB with the Hiawathas turning on 17. The only time it might be...
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    Videos/Pictures of Combined Zephyr/Pioneer/Desert Wind?

    From my own trip on 5 CHI-OAK on 9/9/83: At this time, the route was DEN-D&RGW-SLC-UP-OGD-SP-OAK. The D&RGW had reopened about a month earlier after being closed by the Thistle slide (5/6 had officially moved to the D&RGW route from the UP across Wyoming with the April time change but due to...
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    New York City Subway derailment 1/4/24

    I find it sad that the linked report was written in a way to lead you to think the derailment was a far more important aspect of the event than the collision. Talk about burying the lede. I can just imagine a report of some future incident where they'd say trains collided, several cars damaged...
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    Brightline Trains West!

    My opinion is that too often, food service on trains (and in other situations) is viewed as an independent good that is viewed as something that should be profitable on its own. But it's not independent. I can't just decided I want to go to the Amtrak dining car for dinner unless I'm first on...
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    Leaving car (automobile) behind at Osceola (OSC) station for five weeks

    Only if the battery was getting weak to begin with. We've been away for a month or two in the past and never had an issue (although cars in a garage).
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    U.S./Canada border crossing discussion

    I obviously don't know you but I suspect how people present themselves at the border makes a big difference. Show up reasonably well dressed (and as an airline retiree traveling on travel privileges, when I fly in I am always dressed to my airline's employee travel dress code (a t-shirt and...
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    U.S./Canada border crossing discussion

    Well, of course. Entering your own country and entering a foreign country are completely different processes. You are always admissible to your own country so once you prove you are a U.S. citizen, the Immigration (admission of people) part of what CBP does is over; it’s only the Customs...
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    U.S./Canada border crossing discussion

    My experience has been just the opposite. Twice entering at YVR and when asked why I was coming to Canada, I said riding the Canadian and was told things like "sounds like fun" and "enjoy your trip."
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    California Zephyr issues in Salt Lake City

    Did this get split from another topic? It starts with a reply to a post I cannot find.
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    Chicago Union Station discussion

    From what I've observed, most convention official hotels are in downtown Chicago. There's not all that much by McCormick Place. I am sure that's why they built the busway was built between downtown Chicago and McCormick Place in the former Illinois Central freight right-of-way (if you've ever...
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    Chicago Union Station discussion

    The problem I have with the article is it bringing up the perceived crying need for one-seat service between the airport and convention center (McCormick Place). When I was working, I went to quite a few conventions and not once did I ever go directly between the airport and convention center -...
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    VIA Canadian and the Canadians

    From my own experience, you will have service during the extended stops in the Canadian Shield such as Sioux Lookout and Hornepayne. Also is some of the smaller towns but given the train may not even stop, only for a minute or so.
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    Rocky Mountaineer and Pacific Northwest island hopping

    Much more likely it was the missing II. But I'm going to take back what I wrote earlier as going back to some old boarding passes, I see differences between on the name is displayed on boarding passes between different carriers (all of these were using employee/retiree flight benefits which...
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    Rocky Mountaineer and Pacific Northwest island hopping

    Thats's normal in how names are shown on airline tickets - spaces are removed. It should not have caused any issues. Did you actually have a problem checking-in on-line or at a kiosk or did you just assume there would be a problem and went to check-in agent? The "names must match exactly" is...
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    Rocky Mountaineer and Pacific Northwest island hopping

    Zephyr17, thanks. I didn't know that RM's service facility was on CN.
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    Rocky Mountaineer and Pacific Northwest island hopping

    Since the Rocky Mountaineer's Vancouver station is adjacent to Pacific Central Station (Via and Amtrak), I'm surprised you were surprised to use the same route Via and Amtrak use. Looking on Google Earth, while there is a connection from near Pacific Central Station to the CP by the waterfront...
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    California Zephyr discussion

    I wonder what ca2zhawkeye's actual concern about altitude is and how much adaptation he or she needs or is expecting. If you fly, you routinely go from airport altitude to a cabin pressure altitude of 7,000 to 8,000 in about 30 minutes and then back down at the destination. If you drive I-70...
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    Crossing Canadian border with food and beverage?

    While Customs regulations are the same, the poster may be thinking of the limits on liquids on airplanes. That's an air security restriction, not a border crossing restriction.
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    Empire Builder derailment at Chicago 5/7/23

    Metro managed to do that back in 10/2018 at Roselle West with a deadhead train (was supposed to go into service at Roselle). Apparently, the switch threw underneath the car yet somehow, the car stayed on the rails. I was able to watch the cleanup and Metra did not try to move the car but rather...