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  1. J

    California Zephyr discussion

    I will be taking train 5 from CHI - PRO early April. Train looks to be nearly sold out for most of the trip except for Lincoln - Denver and from SLC - EMY when I won't be on the train anymore. Was wondering if there is anyway I can guarantee myself a spot in the dining car as a coach passenger...
  2. J

    Lake Shore Limited discussion

    Cool, sounds good! I am currently in college but at Cornell and not IC. I think at this point the train is basically sold out even overnight with people getting on in Depew and Cleveland.
  3. J

    Lake Shore Limited discussion

    I'm scheduled to take train 49 from Syracuse to Chicago at the end of March. Was wondering if a) since I booked a ticket on #49 and not #449, will I be guaranteed a seat at the back of the train farther from the engines and b) what are the chances of getting a window seat? The train is currently...