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    Leaving car (automobile) behind at Osceola (OSC) station for five weeks

    There is the suggestion from @basketmaker above to let the police know, but I have not done that personally when we park there. Of course I can’t guarantee you will not have problems, I am only saying I don't see any extra crime risk there that normally exists in a small rural town, which is...
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    Planes overhead

    I would still recommend some discretion, "Devices you can't use during your flight ...TVs ...Radio receivers and transmitters"
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    Planes overhead

    You could probably bring an ADSB receiver (Stratus/Sentry/Stratux/etc) on board a commercial flight and if you had a window seat you may get it to work. Then an iPhone/ipad to connect to it, Foreflight app, and you will get a moving map with live traffic! There may be FAA rules about having a...
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    Planes overhead

    I have had flights in small aircraft where the tracking on FlightAware/flightradar24 didn’t start logging until the moment I asked for Visual Flight Rules Flight Following which involves telling ATC your tail number, type, and destination, so that could be a reason small aircraft or military...
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    Amtrak Dining and Cafe Service discussion 2024 H1 " Kosher meals on overnight trains and Acela First Class are prepared under rabbinical supervision and sealed until delivered to the passenger. Passover kosher meals will be served in lieu of regular kosher meals throughout the...
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    Pennsylvanian (the train(s) and route) discussion

    I have helped a family member carry on a heavy suitcase to place onto the Superliner racks, kissed, and then got off quickly. As I was carrying the suitcase on, I was telling the OBS/Conductor that I need to get back off, and I did, quickly. I suppose if I had been trapped, I would have asked...
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    Additional Service from New York/Philadelphia to Pennsylvania

    I had to go look at that with maps/street view and it looks like an amazing place to go explore!
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    Coast Starlight discussion 2023 Q4 - 2024

    I have only inspected this area once, but I didn’t realize there is no lock on the door! I wonder why they would take the lock off?
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    Lake Shore Limited discussion 2023 Q4 - 2024

    4911 is supposed to be the first sleeper behind the diner car, and the last I have heard and when I was on LSL a year and a half ago it was a Viewliner 1, so not the newer Viewliner 2 like the the 4912 was. I wonder if the new bedding statement were some better mattresses and blankets or...
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    Amtrak changed my accommodation

    Noting 332 would be the likely sleeper to be canceled suddenly as compared to 330/331 _if_ Amtrak started to cancel sleepers again. Others can correct me if I am wrong. How many months/years has it been since they last did these cancel activities?
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    Pittsburgh Amtrak Station past, present and future

    I think now I see on street view kind of an elevated sidewalk well lit leaving the station at rail level right against the Pennsylvanian Apartment building instead of the basement exit to the parking area. Is that exit more pleasant than the parking lot way? It does go a bit further SW than...
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    Budd RDC technical stuff

    Here are some 09-2021 photos I took of those. The concept of their use and purpose was interesting. Kind of a cross between Chitty chitty bang bang and Beverly Hillbillies look for rail use.
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    Sleeper accommodation discussion

    I have never been in an A, but those pictures don't seem to match the floor plan of the A (toilet door position mostly), did the A room get reoriented to be more similar to BCDE?
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    Photos from my Empire Builder and LSL trip Jan-Feb 2024

    Is it normal to be pouring salt inside a rail car like that? I would think that the extra corrosion caused by the constant usage of salt will shorten the lifespan of the car's floor and lower walls even if the majority is stainless steel. A shovel, sand, or something non-corrosive would be a...
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    Pittsburgh Amtrak Station past, present and future

    Last fall in the night wait for the Pennsylvanian to CL westbound, I walked up to Primanti Bros. Restaurant which I learned about here. I used Liberty Ave. and well it seemed spooky absolutely no one around, many dark shadows, SA certainly went up a notch. What bothers me are enclosed...
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    Interesting facts and notes in old railroad magazines

    The Baltimore train museum has a WWIi era troop sleeper, WAA/PULL No. 7437. This is a photo inside from last winter:
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    AS Flight1282: Another Boeing 737 MAX crisis

    When Khrushchev visited the USA in 1959, I have read that there were no stairs to reach high enough for the TU-114 at Andrews. Picture of a TU-114 with I assume a Soviet set of stairs:
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    How do I view the California Zephyr route map on google maps?

    If that GPS Dongle is talking to the Windows Location Service to share locations that talk to other Windows applications, it has a possibility of working. - In Google maps try " On your computer, open Microsoft Edge and go to Google Maps. At the bottom right, click My location . If you’re...
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    Videos/Pictures of Combined Zephyr/Pioneer/Desert Wind?

    I am quite curious how you were able to get those pictures? Did Amtrak used to allow passengers to open the window in the door?
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    Letters sent to Senators and IDOT regarding Amtrak cancellations.

    Interesting, that story had a sentence about the $25000 Amtrak ticket to get 136 miles for wheelchair bound people on a train ride in Illinois. I missed that and had to go look that up...