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  1. The Davy Crockett

    Discount Tuesdays

    VIA has gotten into the holiday spirit early - but then Canadian Thanksgiving is next weekend - as the blackout dates around Christmas have been removed!
  2. The Davy Crockett

    Freedom Card, Anyone?

    Oh. :( By the title I thought someone was giving away their card for someone else to use! :P
  3. The Davy Crockett

    Southeast Flooding (October 2015) - Weather related cancellations

    Its not the hurricane, but the Nor'easter that is causing problems. Joaquin is now forecast to stay out at sea.
  4. The Davy Crockett

    AU Staffing Changes

    <------ Dittoing the ditto to what they said about what she said - as well as what she said too.
  5. The Davy Crockett

    FRA to Oversee DC Metro?

    The FTA already has safety oversight for Metrorail through the Tri-State Oversight Committee. This move would require reclassifying Metrorail as a commuter rail system. The FRA has more 'teeth' than the FTA. As far as I know, the only comparable system the FRA oversees is PATH in NY/NJ. The...
  6. The Davy Crockett

    Has anyone seen 8400?

    Why? Likely because Amtrak is saving pennies keeping it there. With no diners needed for the Star's consists, there are enough heritage diners to go around. So why not run the heritage fleet into the ground and extend the life of 8400? Also, it will keep 8400's wear and tear close to on par...
  7. The Davy Crockett

    FRA to Oversee DC Metro?

    How bad has DC's Metrorail gotten? :unsure: Well... There are reports that the NTSB is expected to make an urgent recommendation to the federal DOT this afternoon that the FRA take over safety oversight of Metro. :o That is pretty radical. Possibly unprecedented. Did the Pope have...
  8. The Davy Crockett

    Great Dome on the Adirondack

    Jim Bob Boy! What the heck happened to your name? Did you revisit Highway 61? :) On the Cardinal I had one of the conductors grab one of the prime front seats (port side) and use yellow tape to keep passengers out so he could use it as his own personal office!!! :blink: :angry2...
  9. The Davy Crockett

    Discount Tuesdays

    Just to be clear, the 25% sale has blackout dates around Christmas.
  10. The Davy Crockett

    menus for sleeper plus on "the canadian"?

    I 'lyke' what lyke99 said! ^^^^ The only things I would add are that the omelette is different the three mornings a hot breakfast is served, and that dinner options generally reflect the cuisine of the region of Canada one is traveling through.
  11. The Davy Crockett

    'Ride the Ducks' vehicle, charter bus collide in Seattle

    Time will tell. Seattle's road diet certainly doesn't include the massive big dig freeway debacle, which continues being inched forward under the city by Big Bertha (when she is not floundering in the mud) despite plenty of citizens, who seem to have a lot more common sense than the current...
  12. The Davy Crockett

    'Ride the Ducks' vehicle, charter bus collide in Seattle

    Sorry to play the cynic, but it seems likely that what will happen is that a couple of million bucks will be spent on a multi-year study with the result, unless there are more tragedies during that period, that nothing changes. Commuters and businesses won't want a reduction in capacity...
  13. The Davy Crockett

    'Ride the Ducks' vehicle, charter bus collide in Seattle

    Charlie, Friend and client or not, based on personal experience, I agree with you that she gives really good advice. Thanks for posting. :hi:
  14. The Davy Crockett

    'Ride the Ducks' vehicle, charter bus collide in Seattle

    From what I can tell most or all other significant mishaps with these vehicles have involved them sinking: In 1999 in Lake Hamilton in Arkansas where 13 died; Off Milwaukee in Lake Michigan in 2000 where all crew and passengers where rescued; and In the Delaware River in Philly in 2010 where...
  15. The Davy Crockett

    Love for Amtrak is Waning... But...

    warrencbennett, Bending one's elbow with a 'few' pints certainly can help one cope with the less desirable aspects of coach! :) least until the next morning! :ph34r: :wacko: :( :giggle:
  16. The Davy Crockett

    New Amtrak Guest Rewards Master Card - Fall 2015

    DA or Ryan, Would you please elaborate on Freedom? Edit: As in the new Chase CC being forced on holders of the Case AGR Card? And are the points worth it compared to the BOA card? (which I've not applied for either) (Okay, I can be slow, like 50 & 51) Thanks!
  17. The Davy Crockett

    New Amtrak Guest Rewards Master Card - Fall 2015

    I wonder how many times Amtrak and BOA will charge you for the same booking! :o ...but think of the points! :) :P :giggle:
  18. The Davy Crockett

    Great Dome on the Adirondack

    "They threatened its life with a railway share" - Lewis Carroll in The Hunting of the Snark What I love about AU. The Snark factor! Some of us have a life and don't have the time to spend all our lives foaming and dreaming and anticipating all things foam. Sheesh! Thanks AGAIN Jim, for...
  19. The Davy Crockett

    Pope petitioned to bless DC Metro

    Sometimes the accuracy of The Onion's pungent, biting sarcasm makes me cry! -_- BTW - I really enjoyed the "What do you think?" piece one can find when one scrolls down from the article. It does such a nice job of capturing the 'friendly openness' of some east coast megalopolites!