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  1. tomfuller

    Amtrak wins takeover of Washington Union Station

    I've been in Union station a couple of times since then but never after 7PM. I even remember seeing George Will in the station once.
  2. tomfuller

    Hotels convenient to Amtrak

    If you are going to be renting a car soon after getting off an Amtrak train it is hard to beat Galesburg IL with Enterprise within walking distance. I drove from Galesburg to Lima Ohio to a nice AirBnB. My trip this month included 6 nights in AirBnB's and one night for less than $80 in a...
  3. tomfuller

    USA Rail Pass questions

    As a veteran of several rail passes since 2001, I do agree to save segments and pay for rides of less than $50 out of pocket at the staffed departure station. Depending on how comfortable you are sleeping in coach seats, you might want to pick a spot to spend a night in a hotel bed so that you...
  4. tomfuller

    Amtrak Solar Eclipse viewing April 8 2024

    In August 2017 I hiked to the top of Sutton Mountain near Mitchell Oregon. After the eclipse, I found the geocache up there and put in a special eclipse coin for the next lucky finder. I did run into a bit of a traffic jam on the way back home. Last October I and many others had a terrible...
  5. tomfuller

    Questions about Train 11 (Coast Starlight) to Train 2 (Sunset Limited) connection

    Depending on how far north you are coming from, you can get off the CS in Sacramento and have a good breakfast and then board the bus to Stockton and take the San Joaquin to Bakersfield and another bus to Los Angeles Union station. You will arrive at LAUS at least 2 hours before the CS arrives...
  6. tomfuller

    To Gathering Sacramento to Chicago by #6 California Zephyr

    Galesburg (GBB) is a great place to get off. Not only to see the railroad memorabilia but there is an Enterprise car rental within easy walking distance. A few years ago I got off there and rented a car for a week. In that week I drove in 20 states (nearly 3000 miles). Arrived on the EB CZ and...
  7. tomfuller

    Amtrak to Grand Canyon

    For anyone planning a trip to Flagstaff next year, you may want to avoid the Memorial Day weekend. The hotel rooms (even the expensive ones) will be booked by thousands of geocachers who are coming for GeoWoodstock XX. The main venue for the event is at the fairgrounds south of Flagstaff. The...
  8. tomfuller

    VIA Canadian and the Canadians

    My experience with a very late Canadian was in late October 2001. The westbound train was scheduled to arrive around 4PM in Winnipeg. I and many other people slept on the hard floor of the Winnipeg station. The train arrived at 8AM, 16 hours late. It had not snowed a flake in Winnipeg but there...
  9. tomfuller

    Amtrak to Grand Canyon

    In Gallup NM, there is an Enterprise car rental along the old Rt. 66 about halfway between the airport and the Amtrak station.
  10. tomfuller

    Maple Leaf Business Class discussion

    If you are traveling solo, try to get on early so you have your choice of the single seats instead of 2 seat pair.
  11. tomfuller

    Sunset Limited/Texas Eagle discussion

    My experiences with this transfer are as follows: First time we did a cross platform transfer to the CS and we left Los Angeles about 45 minutes late. Last time we arrived in Los Angeles hours late and the CS had left about an hour before we got there. They loaded all transferring passengers...
  12. tomfuller

    Why and how often are trains run completely backward?

    I do remember "riding backwards" from Philadelphia to Harrisburg many years ago. The train (Pennsylvanian?) had just come into Philadelphia from Harrisburg. It was at the end of my 30 day rail pass. Glad to get back home no matter which direction we were traveling.
  13. tomfuller

    Albuquerque Hotel— Shuttle to Amtrak Station?

    My wife and I did use the city bus along the old US66 even with some luggage. The charge is only $2. Sadly the Route 66 hostel we stayed at has closed.
  14. tomfuller

    Bring your own food options?

    Freeze string cheese before leaving home. Try to keep it below 70 degrees until you eat it.
  15. tomfuller

    Chicago to West or East Coast and back, looking for advice

    If you take the Zephyr westbound you will end up spending a night in Sacramento, Davis or Martinez and getting on the southbound Coast Starlight to Los Angeles the next morning. If you take the Southwest Chief westbound to Los Angeles and make the connection to the Coast Starlight you will...
  16. tomfuller

    Chicago to West or East Coast and back, looking for advice

    I do remember making a cross platform transfer from either the SWC or the Sunset Limited to the Coast Starlight. Another time I arrived on the Sunset Limited an hour after the Starlight left. They directed us to busses to Bakersfield where we got on the San Joaquin train all the way to...
  17. tomfuller

    California Zephyr discussion

    15 minutes before you get to a station stop is a good time to head upstairs and go to the Viewliner car. A few minutes after the train leaves you can decide if you have a better view from the upper level. You may sleep better in the lower level with a little less sway but maybe more rail noise.
  18. tomfuller

    Sunset times along train line

    As I remember it, the Sunset Limited leaves Los Angeles at 10PM (after the Coast Starlight arrives) which is long after sunset. You'll catch a sunrise between Yuma and Maricopa.
  19. tomfuller

    Splitting ticket between coach and sleeper

    My wife and I did this on the CZ. Coach from CHI to OMA then Roomette from OMA to Grand Junction CO. We used AGR points for the coach section. It works best at a refueling stop of at least 7 minutes.
  20. tomfuller

    Electric and Hybrid road vehicles

    A few days ago I did see a Rivian EV charging at the new charging station. My research indicates that only Rivian (not Tesla or any other EV's) can charge there. It is unfortunate that EV producers would build charging networks that only serve their own brand. The other charging stations can...