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  1. Everydaymatters

    Rude Amtrak employees

    Bring back the Crew Chiefs. It's as simple as that.
  2. Everydaymatters

    Jose Cuervo Tequila Train (Guadalajara/Jalisco, Mexico)

    About the name you chose for this post, a long time ago a friend gave me a Jose Cuervo travel blanket. Apparently he got it as a freebee for drinking too much. Anyhow, if you see a lady with a bright yellow rolled up travel blanket with a Jose Cuervo patch on the corner, that's me!
  3. Everydaymatters

    How much of the Amtrak map has one covered?

    That's terrific! I wonder how many of those trips were in coach.
  4. Everydaymatters

    Silver Star 92 derailed by semi in Lakeland, FL (7-14-23)

    IIRC it was 1993, in Cary, Illinois, a school bus was on the tracks stopped at a red light. Sadly, now they call it Seven Angels Crossing.
  5. Everydaymatters

    Metra service between Chicago and Rockford to begin in 2027

    Rail service is long overdue for this route. IIRC at one time Amtrak had plans to Huntley and beyond.
  6. Everydaymatters

    Maple Leaf border check

    After a cruise from and back to Vancouver, I was on what was supposed to be a "sealed" bus back to Seattle. The border inspection was a joke. The border guard got on, told everyone to hold their passports up, walked half way down the aisle and got off.
  7. Everydaymatters

    Mendocino County Skunk Train denied right to use eminent domain

    The next time you are on the expressway into Chicago, take a look at the McDonalds up on the overpass. That is on land that was bought by eminent domain. Well, maybe because is isn't technically "land", it was given a pass.
  8. Everydaymatters

    Western Canada forest fires

    That was a nice trip report, Bill. It brought me back to when I traveled across Canada several years ago, except that there were no fires back then.
  9. Everydaymatters

    Positive comments about Amtrak?

    The people I meet are the best part of taking the train. The people I have met on the train, in the depot, and on this forum are awesome. Secondary is the scenery. I love watching the land change from farms to plains to deserts to mountains to cities. I even enjoy the crazy things that...
  10. Everydaymatters

    Chicago - St. Louis Lincoln Corridor to begin higher speed running

    Yesterday my daughter and I drove the highway along old Route 66 to Pontiac, Illinois. It had had several side roads to the farms off the highway the last time I was there a couple of years ago. At that time the side roads had the familiar old white signs with black letters. Now, because of...
  11. Everydaymatters

    Amtrak Coach discussion

    It sounds claustrophobic. Also, what about air circulation? I do not think I would like it.
  12. Everydaymatters

    Chicago - St. Louis Lincoln Corridor to begin higher speed running

    I have taken it multiple times from BNL to CHI, but only twice from BNL to STL. I don't recall any freights.
  13. Everydaymatters

    Chicago - St. Louis Lincoln Corridor to begin higher speed running

    ...has anyone noticed the fences they put along these high-speed tracks? Really nice! Wish I had them in my yard. Back to the hi speed taking so long and the pessimism, it was long ago that there was a presentation in BLN about the hi speed train. Finally there was an announcement that there...
  14. Everydaymatters

    Coach restrooms

    The only time I have seen a TA clean the bathroom in coach was when a toilet was overflowing. For years I rode in coach, and then years in sleepers. I am rarely able to travel now and when I do, I am in coach. The sink is always wet. I have found that after I clean up the sink area, other...
  15. Everydaymatters

    AGR Credit Card change (October 2022)

    Thank you, Robert. I wonder if I can get the original points offer. Hmmm I'll have to call and see what they say.
  16. Everydaymatters

    AGR Credit Card change (October 2022)

    I scanned through this forum but did not see where anyone else had this happen. I decided not to get the new credit card and did not send in any papers or make any calls to get it. Once a year I get an automatic renewal of my McAfee and it is automatically charged to a credit card. I forgot...
  17. Everydaymatters

    Long standing questions about Amtrak accounting

    I couldn't open it, but it probably is about an operating "loss".
  18. Everydaymatters

    Pets on Long Distance Trains

    I don't think anyone loves dogs more than I do, but to smell "that smell" would be tough. Did anyone notice the man sitting across the aisle holding his nose? Please, people, stop making it hard for everyone who legitimately needs a service dog. These phony ones have destroyed the ability for...
  19. Everydaymatters

    Congress has its own subway

    I rode one of them, not sure which one. It was many years ago when we spent an entire month in D.C. as we went sightseeing and my dad visited his college friends from Georgetown and, not sure of the name of the other one...maybe American University.