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    Rutland wye

    The ending of the Palmer Shuffle ..... has been a most welcome development!
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    Should Amtrak restore service to Grand Central Terminal, NYC?

    At the time GCT service ended, I recall the Empire State Passengers Association listed two reasons for it: 1) The aforementioned difficulty in transfers, and also: 2) They agreed that the rent Metro North was charging Amtrak (for comparatively few trains/day) ... "bordered upon extortion"...
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    First time use of the LIRR East Side Access Terminal in New York City

    This coming Monday, February 27th .... will see the end of the shuttle trains to Jamaica ... and the commencement of revised service, with through trains going to 9and leaving) Grand Central Madison. The LIRR is also boosting service due to the addition of what is called the "Third Track" - a...
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    Amtrak Siemens Charger locomotive (SC44, ALC42, ALC42E) (2015 - 1Q 2024)

    Is there any update on the development of the new ALC42-E (dual eletric/diesel) locomotives? Will be so glad to leave the change-of-engines at New Haven, Connecticut behind ... when they are rolled-out.
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    Pennsylvanian (Coach vs Business Class)?

    I will be taking the Pennsylvanian (Philly to Pittsburgh) next week. Is the Business Class car close to the boarding stairs (or further away)?
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    Amtrak Siemens Charger locomotive (SC44, ALC42, ALC42E) (2015 - 1Q 2024)

    As a regular Vermonter rider down the Connecticut River Valley: the arrival of the ALC-42E (to avoid the time-consuming engine swap at New Haven) cannot come soon enough.
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    Pennsylvanian (Coach vs Business Class)?

    Will be taking the Pennsylvanian in August (in the opposite direction) - what is the boarding procedure at 30th Street Station, and is the Business Class car in-between baggage and cafe car (as noted elsewhere)?