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  1. K

    Traveling to Glacier National Park - can we pack Bear Spray?

    Hi. Can we pack Bear Spray in our checked luggage or do we have to buy it there? Kirsty
  2. K

    Didn't use rewards number when booking - can I get point applied retroactively?

    Hi, We booked our trip without my reward number. I don't recall if I created the rewards account immediately after booking, or if I had forgotten that I had a reward account when I booked. Do you know if Amtrak allows people to get trips added to their reward account retroactively? This was an...
  3. K

    Traveling from Chicago to Whitefish, coach with kids

    Hi all. We just realized (2 days before our trip) that we didn't actually book the sleeper car as we had though and that we are, in fact, traveling overnight in coach class on the Empire Builder. I guess we don't know how to read the booking site :/ So bummed:( Anyway, now that we know this...