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    Empire Service Coach vs Business

    $105 is an awfully expensive Coke; that's getting near stadium pricing 🤣
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    Amtrak dining and cafe service

    That is correct. While it's been a few years since I've ridden, it has a very good selection and since it is State subsidized, the prices are very reasonable.
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    Amtrak dining and cafe service

    Let's just hope it is not self service = vending machines (remember the Southern Pacific Automat cars) = dog food.
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    Amtrak features and comfort updates

    Gaffers tape does not leave the residue standard duct tape does when you pull it up.
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    Chicago Union Station discussion

    Several years ago I had a busted connection between the Cal Zephyr and Texas Eagle (Galesburg shuttle) and rode on into Chicago for an Amtrak sponsored overnight; the Lolla was going on and cops along with station security were busy turning away attendees who somehow had lost their pants and had...
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    Issues with an SCA

    Hopefully xxxxx's career with Amtrak is coming to an immediate end.
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    Capitol Limited discussion

    If I recall correctly the domes had floodlights that lit up the countryside, but switched off as the train passed through towns.
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    The effect of the potential rail strike on Amtrak

    Of course the WN lowest fares usually have a long advance booking requirement.
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    Date meals became included with Amtrak sleeping car fares?

    I pulled some of my pre-Amtrak dining car menus and printed on the bottom is a notice waiters/stewards are prohibited from taking oral orders.
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    Date meals became included with Amtrak sleeping car fares?

    I penciled out a few meal tickets during early Amtrak days and that was never the easiest thing to do if the tracks were anything less than glass smooth.
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    Amtrak dining and cafe service

    From what I have heard, the enchiladas are Amy's. And I agree they are quite good, especially the 2 pack cheese ones.
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    Amtrak dining and cafe service

    It doesn't even need to be an entire car. As much empty space as there is in the bags, a bank of refrigerators can be kept in there.
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    Tips for sleeping well on Amtrak

    I find the chiming of the K5LA horn to be very relaxing and sometimes if I have trouble falling asleep at home, I'll roll a long play onboard train sounds video from YouTube through the bedroom speakers..
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    Southwest Chief derailment (June 2022)

    I have never paid attention but how easy it it to remove the inside window of a Sleeper room to gain access to the corridor. If you are on the downside of a car on its side and the sliding door is jammed, that window may be your only escape/
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    Southwest Chief derailment (June 2022)

    On a practical note, is Amtrak not already facing a serious shortage of usable SuperLiner equipment?
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    New Traditional Dining Menu

    Maybe have a contract with Walmart for food and other supplies as needed. Let's start with salads; if Walmart can offer about 10 different kinds of GOOD salads for $3-4 each, then maybe that is where Amtrak should look.
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    Amtrak Friendly Travel Agent

    I am curious why you would chose to break your journey in San Francisco. I would consider one of the "smaller" stops such as Klamath Falls or somewhere in the Cascades where you can have a safe relaxed break with Mother Nature providing the scenery.
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    Amtrak dining and cafe service

    But reheat them in an air fryer and they come out pretty good.
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    Amtrak dining and cafe service

    The money that is wasted on this committee could go directly to the dining car budgets and likely make a substantial impact on improved service.
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    Covid Mask Mandate for Transportation

    VICTORY! Hopefully on Amtrak trains all across the country there have been mass unmaskings :)