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    Checking bags midway through a trip

    Actually, on the Cardinal at Trenton, they offered to put our bags in the baggage car on the train!, Of course, you would have to take them off though to, they wouldn't go to baggage reclaim.
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    Superliner (lower level roomette)

    I just finished a trip (2 hours ago) on a lower level roomette. closer to toilets, less noise. I don't care about the views because I was in the SSL
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    Can we last in coach travel?

    Here's how I put it, if you go roomette, you won't be able to spend the money on luxury hotels, but if you don't really care about 5 star hotels (like me), then roomette is the way to go. :cool:
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    Train 14 (the Coast Starlight ) on 8/04/12 arrived Seattle 4 hours 34

    well, It suddenly lost 3 hours: * SLM * * 2 203P * 422P Departed: 2 hours and 19 minutes late. * PDX 2 340P 2 420P 900P 924P Departed: 5 hours and 4 minutes late.
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    Privatize food service?

    Reminds me of that time they were considering making sleeping cars Marriott
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    Galesburg, IL. Amtrak Station

    no luggage place at Galesburg. according to No Baggage Storage As for eating, there is a place on Google maps called Packinghouse diner. I'm not sure if it's good, but it was the first thing on the search on Google maps. looks near the station. Maybe another member will assist...
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    Beware of unwanted reservation changes!

    That doesn't make sense. I always want the bottom floor, and it costs sometimes 50-100 dollars more expensive to change from top to bottom........I don't get it, they should be GIVING you that 30 bucks.
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    EB - Lateness Problems This Summer

    I mean, not just from Whitefish east.
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    EB - Lateness Problems This Summer

    Did you know on the Amtrak web page they are now predicting 2-5 hours late :o . This would be awesome going eastbound. IMHO, I think any one wanting to see the best of the empire builder should take it now. You will probably get maybe even the whole Rockies' range in Montana!!!!!!!! I consider...
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    Engineer v. Conductor

    Can you send me a link to that web site?
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    Amtrak vs Alaska Ferry

    Actually, The bering strait route will only gain traction IF Amtrak, along with the Russian equivalent builds railroads to Uelen (like nome, but in Russia) , Russia and Nome, Alaska. This is quoted from a news organization: "Russia will open a £900million extension to the Trans-Siberian...
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    Connect from EMY to SFO?

    There is a BART to the airport from Richmond. The red BART
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    First train trip...getting nervous

    1. I never get motion sickness on a train, but my uncle does! It most likely varies. 2. Yup, there is checked baggage on the southwest chief. There is also luggage storage on the lower level of your car. 3. Odds are against you for the train being on time.. :help: ... Even on a good day, the...
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    Viewliner Roomette Facilites

    Doesn't the shower place have a toilet???
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    Name That Station!

    Hmmm. to be honest, I'm not that good with stations, but could that be a station served by the Sun set limited in Florida.... Maybe Chipley?
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    Amtrak vs Alaska Ferry

    not to change the subject, but do you think amtrak will ever build a route from seattle to Anchorage. I already have a good name, the North Star :)
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    reporting from #51

    I feel for you :unsure: . reminds me of that person on the cell phone.
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    Non-disabled people in lower level coach

    I remember on the CZ though, when there was someone that was not fully disabled and could climb stairs, but got the accessible room. Is that not suppose to happen?
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    viewliner 3 orders

    Sorry, I meant viewliner 2's :blush: I was thinking like, there are superliner 2's so the next would be 3's :rolleyes: If any body doesn't know, here is the wikipiedia part on them Viewliner II In the 2009 budget, increased funding was provided to allow Amtrak to initially order 130...
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    viewliner 3 orders

    So this October the first view liner 3 will be delivered. I have heard potential plan for the Pennsylvanian to have through cars to Chicago around other rumors. Another rumor is a possible 7 day a week cardinal, my fave east-of-missisppi train. Edit: as pointed out by Cho Cho Charlie, They are...