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    AGR point redemption

    Super ! Thank you ! My final question ........What about layovers ? Are you able to stay over in locations where you need to change trains ? An example would be LAX and PDX on the KCY-CBS trip . Any restrictions on layovers ?
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    AGR point redemption

    Thank You for the explanation ! I've learned alot so far about the Guest Rewards . Another question , are roomette or bedroom AGR reservations affected by the bucket price at time of reservation ? Can you redeem for a roomette/bedroom even though if it is already at a high bucket ?
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    AGR point redemption

    okay, now I've got it ! What is the criteria for these "loophole" trips ?
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    AGR point redemption

    Wouldn't this be TWO ZONES ?
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    AGR point redemption

    For 15,000 points , could I could travel one way from Mpls-St. Paul to NOL in a roomette ? This would entail taking Empire Builder to CHI and then taking City of New Orleans . Would both trips be covered ? Would both roomettes be covered ? Would a one zone 15000 point trip , using a roomette...
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    Where Business Class = First Class

    My only experience with VIA was in 1995 . I went from Winnipeg to Toronto on the Canadian using a "roomette " . Then went on to Montreal by their corridor train . The overall food , service and condition of equipment was superb . If I get a chance , I'll definitely do it again . On the first...
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    Empire Builder Service Disruptions

    The past week WAS mild winter weather and that is what I was referring to in my post . Temps were 25-35 degrees most days in most of the area the EB goes through . So it puzzled why there were more cancellations Yes , we have had some severe weather earlier .
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    Empire Builder Service Disruptions

    Even though we are having mild winter weather , the EB is still having cancellations . Anyone know what is going on ? What is the cause for this ?
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    Parking at MKA - Milwaukee Airport Station?

    I used the MKA parking last october when I traveled to WAS on the CL . My round trip was 5 days long I was able to park right at the station . There were also shuttles to the airport itself which you could request by pressing a call button . A very nice and efficient facility .
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    Who is URPA?

    URPA is actually a very big advocate of long distance trains . That is not drivel to me . The fact is that they ARE critics of some of Amtrak's cost accounting and Amtrak's obvious bias towards state sponsored short haul trains and the NEC . All they are asking is for that there to be an honest...
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    take LSL or Cap Limited - your opinions please !

    I am booked for a trip in mid march . I am taking the Capitol limited and NE regional to PHL eastbound . Then returning by NE Regional and LSL back to CHI . But now wondering if I shouldn't take LSL both ways . The roomette is $60 more by LSL but the scenery and Viewliner equipment are other...
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    comfort of amtrak beds (mattress)in sleepers

    I find the comfort level on the both the bedroom and roomettes mattress to be in great need of improvement . It is barely adequate . Which is not saying much for the extra cost a person pays for the room upgrade . I do realize the need to conserve space so they can fit in the bunks . But there...