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    Crescent discussion 2023 Q4 - 2024

    This video had more details about the amenities than other videos. His comments about the food were interesting. He seemed to like the taste but not the presentation. I wonder if there is some reason they use black plastic dishes. I can't recall seeing black china at anyone's house, or...
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    Container Ship strikes and collapses Baltimore's Francis Scott Key Bridge

    There's a lot to see at this web site : The cable stayed bridge does look like an improvement, and it might not take any longer than other designs.
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    Amtrak Dining and Cafe Service discussion 2024 H1

    I didn't realize that dining options have changed so much over the years. I found this article with some interesting information about airline food, which probably isn't really any better than Amtrak food. For one thing, after the 9-11 Trade Center incident, some knives were banned from the...
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    Preferred connection time between Long Distance (LD) trains

    Getting off the train for a bit can be beneficial. You get a chance to excercise and get some good food. Usually trains stations, unlike airports, are near city centers, so there are things to see and do, often within walking distance.
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    Amtrak Dining and Cafe Service discussion 2024 H1

    Too bad the patty melt is on sourdough. I do like sourdough but I always thought a patty melt was on rye. Otherwise, besides being grilled, it is somewhat a cheeseburger.
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    Amtrak Performance Improvement Plan (PIP), jogging memory

    I noticed that about the only improvements implemented were in 2013. So there was some attempt to improve but not much resulted. Was someone there responsible for these improvements? Was there a change in the management at that time, or after that time?
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    A case of illegally establishing residences in Caltrain station offices

    I wonder if they hadn't used taxpayer funds, would they have gotten caught? I haven't seen any pictures of the apts.
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    Railjet newest trainset early release for crush holiday service.

    I like the retractable armrests between the seats in first class. Amtrak should try that.
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    The last Hovercraft?

    I rode on one across the channel in the late '70's. It was very noisy. You couldn't look out and you couldn't get away from the contant humming sound. I guess it was supposed to be faster compared to a regular boat and was kind of a big deal at the time.
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    Auto Train discussion 2023 Q4 - 2024

    Amtrak is continually improving its web site, so things change. Here's a good one to look at:
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    Amtrak Dining and Cafe Service discussion 2024 H1

    Pasta is meant to be kept dry until just before eating, so no wonder the flex meals get mushy. If Amtrak would serve foods that get better with more simmering, like soups, stews, and chili, maybe they would be more acceptable. Served with rice or maybe fresh rolls, maybe a baked potato and...
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    14 day JR Rail pass trip (Japan March 2024)

    They have had some good Japan Rail Journey episodes on PBS lately. The trains have great visibility and some of them slow down for animals (even cats) near the tracks so people can enjoy the scenery.
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    Help needed with long distance Amtrak trip planning

    If you book the connection I doubt it would be a problem. If you want you could stay in southern California and get a rail pass for local travel. You could board the CS in a number of places.
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    First long trip on Amtrak (SAS to VAC)

    Be sure and get decent food anytime you get a chance. Take some with you onto the train if you're particular about what you eat. Also take a throw for the cold nights. The 68 hours between San Antonio and Seattle would be nice to break up with another overnight, although I have ridden longer...
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    Riding Amtrak for fun?

    I guess the pass is still on sale for $449, a great deal if you ride longer trains. It's less than $50 per trip. If you want to limit your trips to daytime only does that mean you would ride someplace to a motel? Then you could continue the next day or return home. Or are you planning on short...
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    AS Flight1282: Another Boeing 737 MAX crisis

    I wonder why they don't have more than four bolts, or maybe some redundant saftey chains or catches. So the door/plug would wiggle around obviously loose before completely letting go. Of course if someone completely botched the final assembly somehow it wouldn't matter.
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    Will seat cushion need a doctor’s note?

    There are some brands of peanut butter that come in a squeeze pouch. It might be a little easier to pack. It's probably what astronauts eat! I think I have an inflatable neck pillow. I wonder if inflatable seat pads are available?
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    Tipping on Amtrak

    I think all Amtrak employees probably earn something over $40k, based on posts I've seen here. About twice what fully paid restaurant workers make, many times what a server makes. Amtrak doesn't have a tip pool, they don't distribute tips, the engineer doesn't get tips. and as far as I know they...
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    Tipping on Amtrak

    I know I've seen something about tipping on the web but I think they've removed it. I know they allow tipping but they hardly recommend it. Tip like you would tip your mail carrier, which is also allowed.
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    Tipping on Amtrak

    Amtrak has an official policy of no tipping. Amtrak employeess have a pretty good deal without tips and with tips it's like double dipping.