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  1. reefgeek

    Why don't more "High Profile" people ride the train?

    A few years ago I spoke with an SCA on the Lake Shore Limited who told me of some of the stars he's taken care of. I think the LSL is a good train for that. He said a lot of Broadway performers made the trip. He had an album of mementos but never got around to showing it to me.
  2. reefgeek

    Food Delivery to Denver Union Station

    I think they did the all aboard after about 15 minutes and we sat for a while longer.
  3. reefgeek

    Flexible dining - Requesting a review from a recent rider

    I just finished a cross-country trip, taking the Zephyr and then the Cardinal. I ate pretty much every meal on the menu. I think the hot plates are pretty good. Maybe I'm not a gourmet. The shrimp with lobster (cream) sauce was tasty, as was the braised beef. It helps if they are not cooked to...
  4. reefgeek

    Food Delivery to Denver Union Station

    I chickened out and didn't order. I did a mock run into the station to see if I could have picked up food, and barely made it back. We were only there for about 15 minutes!
  5. reefgeek

    Food Delivery to Denver Union Station

    Any suggestions about places to order from by the station for pickup? I've always been afraid to go beyond the waiting room!
  6. reefgeek

    Food Delivery to Denver Union Station

    Taking spin on the eastbound Zephyr (6) soon. With the current dining situation being what it is, has anyone had a successful food delivery to Denver Union Station by GrubHub or DoorDash etc? Any recommendations for restaurants to order from? Anyone have a misconnect?
  7. reefgeek

    A Short Walk In The Hindu Hush...

    I was prompted by your post to obtain copies of Eric Newby's books which I had NOT read, and I will be running those through my Kindle. Paul Theroux has pretty much pooped out at this point.
  8. reefgeek

    A Short Walk In The Hindu Hush...

    Very much enjoyed Eric Newby's books, especially The Big Red Train Ride.
  9. reefgeek

    Funniest thing that ever happened on an Amtrak trip?

    On one of the first Amtrak trips I took (1980 maybe), I was approached by a seatmate with a sad story about how she had been robbed of all her money, didn't have a buck to her name etc. I gave her $20, which was half the money I had. Later I felt I had been scammed. Years later, maybe 2002, I...
  10. reefgeek

    Eastbound or Westbound on Long-Distance Trains?

    I generally prefer traveling westbound. For one thing, you avoid losing hours due to the time change.
  11. reefgeek

    (NYC > Chicago > SF) Foods to bring?

    My usual thing is Smokehouse almonds and a bottle of scotch. Sometimes I bring a couple oranges or apples, nice for a snack.
  12. reefgeek

    Riding the Rails in Malaysia and Indonesia Experiences?

    Many (30) years since, but... Very good accommodation in Malaysia, you can really go down the entire peninsula in comfort. Indonesia is fine but more primitive IME, third class local as slow as a bus, plenty of livestock sharing the car, wicker seating and fans. People quite friendly.
  13. reefgeek

    Best blanket for travel

    I hate the AmBlankets. I'm a big guy and I feel like they don't cover me enough. Lately I've started to bring a twin size comforter, lightweight, bigger than the blanket and I'm always warm enough. I got mine from Amazon.
  14. reefgeek

    Beatin Dead Horse Subject - Ice in Sleepers

    When I was on the Cardinal in August, the ice was stocked in the coffee station. But on the SW Chief it was not. What I did was I brought a 1-quart thermos. My car attendant (Paul) brought me a small cardboard bucket of ice which stayed in good shape in the thermos for several days.
  15. reefgeek

    how many days do I need spend in Florida for Auto Train to make sense

    What Ryan said. There is a convenience bonus. That said, rental cars in FL, particularly in Miami and Orlando are sometimes very cheap and then the Auto Train seems like a waste. I like to take the Auto Train south, off season, see my friends in FL and drive home. That way the fun gets started...
  16. reefgeek

    Ottumwa to Eugene, and back

    Thanks for posting your trip report. I enjoyed your writing as much as the details you included, which is to say, very much.
  17. reefgeek

    San Francisco to NYC (CS-EB-LSL)

    I thought of one thing I left out. If anyone is curious about the "Turkey Meatballs" lunch entree, you can purchase it in your local supermarket as the "Mama Mancini" brand. We eat a fair amount of meatballs in this house, and I can assure you that is what they are serving.
  18. reefgeek

    San Francisco to NYC (CS-EB-LSL)

    Had a very nice west coast trip recently. Flew first class to San Francisco. The less said about that the better, except to say that domestic FC food on United is worse than any of the food on Amtrak. My brother’s girlfriend and her friends are all bartenders, so there were several tours of...
  19. reefgeek

    Nearby liquor store in LA

    Thanks. Here I was congratulating myself for walking eight miles roundtrip. Didn't seem that far. Wish I had known about the Walmart!