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    Crossing Canadian border with food and beverage?

    Is there any issues with customs on the train? We plan on bringing some food items and a bottle of wine for the train but I wasn’t sure there would be a customs issue and I don’t want to do it if it will be confiscated or something. Thanks for any input!
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    superliner roomette question

    Yes. You just can't stand well but you can sit comfortably.
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    Sleeper meals

    My kids loved the freedom to order anything off the menu. We all had steak one night. The staff was very nice and gave them whatever they wanted.
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    Family Bedroom vs Superliner Bedroom

    Sorry but I really don't see how one can travel with 2 kids and a pack n play in the room for any type of room. There is no floor space for those things. You will have to check it. Also, 4 people in one bedroom seems like way too much, especially with a baby. If you flush the toilet it is loud...
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    Weather/temps on the California Zephyr in April & other questions

    Follow up to those who replied: advice was greatly appreciated. The trip was beyond breathtaking. Why don't people travel like this more often! I still can't believe the views. The temperature in the room greatly fluctuated but layering clothes solved that problem. The room had some rattles but...
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    Wine Tasting At Chicago Metropolitan Lounge?

    I only saw it once a few months back but there were a few wines to sample. I had the equivalent of one glass overall. As for the cheese, it was a typical cheese cubes and cracker display. It was a small bite selection-I wouldn't say that could fill you up but it was still a nice touch. The...
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    Weather/temps on the California Zephyr in April & other questions

    This is all so helpful thank you! We are actually doing two bedrooms that connect. It will be 4 of us. We need more space than the family bedroom. We actually took the CZ last year from Chicago to Denver (in two roomettes) and loved the trip. I was upset we were getting off before all the good...
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    Weather/temps on the California Zephyr in April & other questions

    I will be traveling with kids (8-10 year range) in April from Chicago to California. We will have bedrooms but I want to make sure we are prepared and comfortable. What will the temp on the train be like in the mountains? Should I pack a throw blanket or two? Also, is there likely to be a bunch...