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  1. Steel City Don

    Amtrak delays

    I've been delayed due to water on the tracks on a capital limited by lake Erie of course and from a freight train that hit a car trying to race them which killed the driver, that was a long delay..
  2. Steel City Don

    A refreshing experience

    I never had a problem except for weather delays which you can't blame Amtrak for...
  3. Steel City Don

    Taking the Train from Miami to Alaska!

    Would be one hell of a long trip!
  4. Steel City Don

    Who am I? Why am I here?

    Welcome aboard!
  5. Steel City Don

    Megabus expands in western PA

    I'm not too excited about this, I experienced a greyhound and that wasn't the best so I can't see Megabus being better
  6. Steel City Don

    Hello from southern OR!

    Welcome to the forum!
  7. Steel City Don

    Who in the world are you?

    Former volunteer firefighter and EMT here!
  8. Steel City Don

    Train tips for fat guys

    As a big guy I know that losing weight thing too, too bad that's as not as easy as it sounds, LOL
  9. Steel City Don

    Hi! from SC

    Hello and welcome!
  10. Steel City Don

    Pittsburgh - New York round trip 8/6 to 8/7 2022

    Our Greyhound station I haven't been in in over 10 years, I prefer not to use Greyhound that was a terrible experience. That was before the remodel as I can see from the pictures, it looks better
  11. Steel City Don

    Pittsburgh PA

    Here's some more pictures, a couple from PNC Park.... Pittsburgh is a very photogenic City! Lol
  12. Steel City Don

    Interesting info re hotel where Amtrak crew stays in Pittsburgh

    The one reason why they told me this is to warn people about it, first of all, and there would go some of our business because they weren't the only train crew that was leaving that hotel. And I have spoken to other people that have been at that hotel and said the same thing about it 🤷 But bed...
  13. Steel City Don

    New Member

    This is a good forum! People are nice and as the gentleman above said people answer your questions usually with experience... I was away for a little bit but I'm back! Haven't ridden an Amtrak in over 10 years but I can still give advice I guess! LOL
  14. Steel City Don

    Who in the world are you?

    Not new, but changed my name from Emtdon, that chapter of my life has expired and I don't do that kind of work anymore!
  15. Steel City Don

    Interesting info re hotel where Amtrak crew stays in Pittsburgh

    That's why I thought, but I didn't want to say it and not be right. The last I heard from a friend of mine who's friends with an usher on the capital limited they were very happy there
  16. Steel City Don

    Interesting info re hotel where Amtrak crew stays in Pittsburgh

    The hotel they were at was the Wyndham. The new one they are at now is by the Amtrak station, I can't remember which one it is..
  17. Steel City Don

    Hello fellow train nerds, from Seattle, WA

    I want to go to Seattle one day, just for something different, to see the space Needle and I used to be a firefighter, visit a couple fire houses .... Maybe One day
  18. Steel City Don

    Pittsburgh PA

    And we need lots of that bridge maintenance especially since that one bridge collapsed
  19. Steel City Don

    Catepillar Moving HDQS to Texas

    That's good to hear, cuz that's the two major Staples right there for that town!
  20. Steel City Don

    Catepillar Moving HDQS to Texas

    When I lived in Illinois I lived in the town where their corporate headquarters is, morton, if they move from there that's going to hurt that town..