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    Amtrak Coach discussion

    I don't think ability to sleep can be predicted by others. It simply depends on you. I cannot sleep in coach and can barely sleep in a roomette. Others sleep like babies in coach. I've seen some folks really struggle in coach trying to sleep, changing into every position imaginable and still not...
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    Comparison of Amtrak vs. other transport mode

    Cash only is a huge red flag; that most likely means the driver did not even record that trip with Uber. You were essentially a passenger in a strangers car with no record of it ever occurring. I've taken numerous Ubers in San Fran, New York, etc. And have never ever seen a cash only demand.
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    What time of year to travel cross country

    Could take the Texas Eagle from LA to Chicago. Longest route in the Amtrak map. Traditional dining until San Antonio, then flex dining from there to Chitown. I'm on that route with my family in Oct this year buy only from CHI to Austin.
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    Amtrak Dining and Cafe service 2023 H2

    As stated earlier, I stand corrected. Too bad about staff being unwilling to do something that, at the surface, appears to be part of thier job. This seems to be a recurring theme at times on these threads. I like this idea; why aren't you in charge over there!?
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    Amtrak Dining and Cafe service 2023 H2

    I stand corrected. Based on location and the fact you have very few options perhaps that $50 bucks is not as bad a deal as I stated above. I love thier desserts, not sure why you cant just buy them in the cafe car too). Hopefully I never have to buy it separately....because I will be in a...
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    Amtrak Dining and Cafe service 2023 H2

    I disagree; dessert and wine would cost extra most likely as it would be an alacart type purchase; to be transparent, I do not recall them saying that but that is what I would expect. In addition, you can get a great steak with two sides dessert, peanuts and unlimited fresh rolls at Texas...
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    Amtrak Dining and Cafe service 2023 H2

    I seem to recall on a trip last October that coach passengers could purchase a meal in the dining area but the prices they stated were absurd; I think they wanted like $50 for the steak meal. I remember they announced it over the intercom and I was like, "holy hell that's expensive." So, with 4...
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    Long Distance (LD) fleet replacement discussion (2022 - 2024Q1)

    Coffins would have more space if they did this.
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    Fare Buckets - and when do they increase/decrease?

    Did they just give you the vouchers or did you have to call the service #?
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    Email/Text Notification of Ticket scanning?

    I sense alot of resentment or bitterness toward the conductors in alot of these posts from various folks. What am I missing about what a conductor is supposed to be doing vs what they are perceived as doing (or not doing)? I've been on several LD trains and have not observed anything I would...
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    Amtrak Dining and Cafe service 2023 H2

    I'm confused here; you think coach passengers should get the same meals as sleeper passengers for free? I'd be all for that if the price of a sleeper went down a fair chunk and they still got priority seating in the dining car. No way they could feed everyone on the train in a timely manner...
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    Best and worst of Amtrak staff on our recent trip

    I am glad I asked. Most of my travel has been sleepers and I don't believe we were scanned. When in coach we've definitely been scanned. I will be diligent going forward as we have a few trips booked coming up!
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    What should Amtrak change?

    That's a fair assessment! Hot chocolate would have been nice on our trip as I'm not really a coffee person.
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    Best and worst of Amtrak staff on our recent trip

    This is amazing stuff to me. I am no train expert and will be quite clear, my primary focus when boarding is my wife and our children and getting them all onboard and situated. I had no idea I should try to track down the conductor to get my ticket scanned or it could cause cause significant...
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    Fares that don't make sense

    But the casual train rider is supposed to know and understand this? It's no wonder why so many fear train travel when they read/see things like this.
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    What should Amtrak change?

    Self serve ice cream, located in each car and including toppings, for all sleeper car passengers. Screens and Netflix available in all roomettes and bedrooms (all bedroom types). Priority over freight trains.
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    Coast Starlight discussion

    We had a family bedroom booked on the CZ back in Oct last year, been booked for many months, about a month or so before departure they pulled the sleeper car and downgraded my entire family of 4 to coach with only an email, not even a call from customer service. We ended up taking the SWC, CS...
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    No Business Class on the Coast Starlight

    Agreed. If you need or want two seats so badly just buy two. Hell, why not just buy 4-8, still cheaper than a roomette and that way no one is even near you at all!
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    Fiscal Report - 2019 vs 2022

    You all keep saying "outrageously priced sleeper accommodations"....someone show some cited data on the %of sleeper accommodations booked on LDs versus total capacity of those accommodations. If that % is 85-100, then it's not outrageously priced as it's clearly getting booked and used.