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  1. johnmiller

    Lake Shore Limited discussion 2023 Q4 - 2024

    On my YouTube video: Amtrak Lake Shore Limited - YouTube I got this comment: "this is to everyone that is watching this video right now just to let everyone know that starting in the year 2030 Amtrak lake shore limited will no longer have train services from Chicago to New York City the lake...
  2. johnmiller

    What should Amtrak change?

    Bring back traditional meals on all long distance trains.
  3. johnmiller

    Rail for Less: a fare checking site

    Thank you for posting this!
  4. johnmiller

    L.A. Times tries Coach travel LAX>SEA

    I wouldn't call any trip on Amtrak "dreamy," except maybe my first on the National Limited in 1974. On any long-haul trip, it always seems to be a good Sleeping Car Attendant and a grouchy Dining Car staff, or a grouchy Sleeping Car Attendant and a good Dining Car staff. Every once in a while...
  5. johnmiller

    Newest Nightjet sleepers from Siemens

    The current Nightjet stock, of course, are not at all like this. The outsides are very dirty and the insides are cramped, even when you pay for the "deluxe" room that has an in-room bathroom. Having new stock is good, but the upkeep of them is going to be just as important.
  6. johnmiller

    Kid films himself trespassing on railroad equipment and illegally throwing switches

    Anything for views. Hopefully he will be fully prosecuted.
  7. johnmiller

    Amtrak concedes perpetual $1 Billion/Year operating losses

    If Amtrak could deliver a good product they could get more of us railfans to ride them more often. My trip on them from Memphis to Chicago then on to San Francisco last November had lots of problems and I honestly have to say I have no wish to ride Amtrak again until I know that things have changed.
  8. johnmiller

    Amtrak dining and cafe service

    The Amtrak Race to the Bottom continues...
  9. johnmiller

    Disappointing trip on CONO and CZ

    The microwaved omelette on the CONO was seriously bad, though. And my wife had the same thing, it wasn't good either. We spent a total of $1800 on this trip for the both of us, with two Roomettes on both trains. I'm just out of patience with Amtrak. We really deserve better.
  10. johnmiller

    Disappointing trip on CONO and CZ

    Do any of you think Amtrak will improve? Do you think that it can ever go back to what it was, say five years ago or so? I went on the City of New Orleans from Memphis to Chicago, then the California Zephyr from Chicago to Emeryville. Not a good trip. The transition sleeper on the CoNO was old...
  11. johnmiller

    Stephen Gardner Appointed as Amtrak CEO

    So, if you think Amtrak sucks now, expect it to continue to suck? That's what it sounds like.
  12. johnmiller

    No Coach food on 19(12)

    December 2017 was the last time before this that I had ridden Amtrak more than six hours. And I quickly found out that there was a reason for that. After Richard Anderson and this other guy killed off a lot of Amtrak, I am guessing that there is little reason to ride it anymore.
  13. johnmiller

    No Coach food on 19(12)

    We went on the California Zephyr over Thanksgiving. The vent fan for the grill was out, and they didn't fix it before we left Chicago. So, us "First Class" passengers had microwaved food as the only options for two plus days. We had come up to Chicago on the City of New Orleans from Memphis, so...
  14. johnmiller

    Route Timetable PDFs returning? (2021-2022)

    Here is an archive of Amtrak Timetables I found. I am guessing a lot of you are aware, but just in case:
  15. johnmiller

    Amtrak nurse (proposal for the future)

    When you are flying, taking a train, etc., you are accepting the fact that you are away from medical attention. Taking a cruise is the only time I can think of where a nurse or a doctor is available. A plane has to divert and land to get someone medical attention. A train has to stop in the...
  16. johnmiller

    New Rehabilitated Superliners unveiled

    Okay, thanks! It was worth a try. :-)
  17. johnmiller

    New Rehabilitated Superliners unveiled

    If you know your car number, is there any way to know if it has been refurbished and when? I was about to book a sleeper and I was curious what shape it might be in. Thank you!
  18. johnmiller

    Route Timetable PDFs returning? (2021-2022)

    Definitely Corporate Speak at its finest! :) Why not the Center of Insolence? Sounds better, doesn't it? ;)
  19. johnmiller

    Amtrak dining and cafe service

    Is anyone scheduled close to the start of regular dining next week? It would be great to hear anyone's reviews!
  20. johnmiller

    Amtrak long distance fares 2021-2023

    Probably the ultimate apples-and-oranges analogy. Six people sharing an entire car versus all the people Amtrak fits into one of its cars. The prices will be a BIT different.