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    Commuter rail and transit developments in Montreal

    Does anyone have any insight as to when the REM is going to start service? On Instagram they say only "in the next couple of months"...
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    VIA New Corridor Trains - 2021 - 2024 Updates

    I believe so. Does anyone know which train numbers are currently served by the new train sets? Still only #33 and #26 on Tuesdays?
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    Will sold out escape fares become available again?

    Hallo Johannes, thanks for the detailed analysis - you made a good point! I am now confident to wait until December or January, and hope you are right ;) Viele Grüße, Felix
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    Will sold out escape fares become available again?

    Dear forum members, I am planning on going from Montreal to Toronto on March 30, 2023. The VIA escape tickets for the 13:23 train are already sold out. Going back to Montreal, I want to take the 15:17 train on April 2, where escape fares are also sold out. Is there any chance they will be...
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    Greetings from Germany

    Hello forum members, I am a new apprentice of the North American railway system, which I want to discover next year! For a semester abroad, I am going to Montreal, and have already planned a trip to Toronto, and I'm already thinking about which other routes to take. I am originally from...