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  1. Peter KG6LSE

    Annoying Policy with Tripods

    Oh thats easy!.... None. However the cost to them is a few unhappy railfans . the perceived risk is more then the cost therefor legs gotta go. look at ANY industry. like MS winders 10. a few REALLY mad folks like me dont want anything to do with the most ulgy GUI Ive seen in 20 years...
  2. Peter KG6LSE

    Annoying Policy with Tripods

    May I ask why you NEED one...... Get a cam with a good size sensor and crank the ISO to 1000-2400 and slap on the front a good lens . the "nifty 50" F1.8 50 mm Prime is 130 bucks . that on darn near any age DLSR is a low light match made in heaven. also Use light poles and anything...
  3. Peter KG6LSE

    P42DC HEP

    HEP last I looked was Delta the Delta 480Vto Wye 208/120 Transformer provides the needed consumer power at 120 and also 208 for motors heaters and lights. the problem with non unity PF is it can wreak havoc on Inverters that provide it . IF the HEP system is slilcon based and its not some...
  4. Peter KG6LSE

    P42DC HEP

    hehe and yall have not taken in to account reactive power too as a 3 phase delta AC system. a little Cos here and TAN there and a power factor volla VARs VAs and WATTS ..
  5. Peter KG6LSE

    Metrolink Using BNSF Locos For Cab Cars

    I was in LA a few weeks ago and used the riverside line every day to get to LA from claremont area. I never saw a BNSF loco on my trains . just that funky cab car and the normal consist.
  6. Peter KG6LSE

    Pets on Long Distance Trains

    rickycourtney: I suspect it might be where the funds come from . the talgos are all to us a local system. ODot and WDot might be the subborn rock in this case. I never leave town as much as I want to as its soo much hassle to educate the mindless masses on ADA policy...... I would have...
  7. Peter KG6LSE

    Pets on Long Distance Trains

      who pays for it!???!!.. Ive got a policy to NEVER burden a disabled person . If a cute idea puts any one of them more under pressure then whats the point. take my plaqcard. I have to spend about 100 bucks on a cab to get to my DMV to get a card that is the best way to prove I am...
  8. Peter KG6LSE

    Coast Starlight Business Class

    I was Just on the CS on thursday down to LA for the weekend. We were early!!!..Outta Eugene we Had a Really cool and hip ( and competent ! ) young conductor ! Things are changing. The PPCs are a gmmick for sleeper pax on the CS that no other train gets . Be happy you had them this long...
  9. Peter KG6LSE

    Amtrak's Standard Policy to prohibit the use of electronic devices

    I should carry a full "service standards guide" printout . Pay my nice fedEx print guy in town to bind it nice and pretty book and have it in color on the front . just read it casually have some of those sticky bookmarks on it in a few places . That should hint a clue. Heck with my ham...
  10. Peter KG6LSE

    Amtrak's Standard Policy to prohibit the use of electronic devices

      I hate to be a black and white literal PITA. but the law is often way more bianary then most assume it is. not that spelt out blacklist of devices is needed. but the wording is a joke. If I was so inclined to make up policy it would read "" amtrak's policy is that you dont use...
  11. Peter KG6LSE

    Amtrak's Standard Policy to prohibit the use of electronic devices

    I hopewho posted that sign losses there job. It takes a real idot to make up a wide verbage policy with out a legal team to check it . SO under there literal terms My ELECTRONIC bose nose cancel headphones I wear to deal with autsim noise overload is banned .. My Casio watch is...
  12. Peter KG6LSE

    Amtrak #6(22) Not Having a Merry Christmas Eve

    Oh OTM my old home town. Sad it's not treating trains with much love.
  13. Peter KG6LSE

    CNN Reporter's View of the SWC Ride; Mica's views on Amtrak

    the use of B/W photos to give a OLD WORLD look is poor ethics.
  14. Peter KG6LSE

    Bad Behavior

    keep dreaming . the FCC is very active against jammers this year .
  15. Peter KG6LSE

    How To Master The Art Of Amtrak Travel

    power strips not safe? Please elaborate.. 99% of them have a breaker. Loose prongs? Sorry but loose is a amtrak issue . not the consumers . UP your sleeper price by 100 bucks a few times that should pay enough to cost out a hour of time to upgrade the sockets with new ones and add USB...
  16. Peter KG6LSE

    Service Pony

    wanna pay for more bureaucracy? DO YOU . Here is the problem with everything that the government does Amtrak is great example of this. Whenever you put a committee in place to do anything it takes more time and it costs a lot of money. I'm going to bet that the burden on society of a fake...
  17. Peter KG6LSE

    Service Pony

    Service horse is VERY rare. longer life helps with training costs on some stuff. Like some one said as a pack mule the pony is usefull.
  18. Peter KG6LSE

    Reno police checked me out!!!

    was the goofball in short shorts ( gag ! ) Ive taken a very obtuse way to prevent being bothered. slap my OSHA yellow jacket on with patches from the half dozen or so organizations I am involved with .. US Civil Air Patrol ES ( emergency services) NWS NOAA ( storm tracking )...
  19. Peter KG6LSE

    Defibulators on Amtrak, horrible food and the worst SCA ever....

    soo many folks sadly dont know this .. I read the man many months ago and I also noted the AED policy. It really suck in my head. I am a bit supprized the FRA does not * mandate * AEDs . Of all the stuff they ache about a AED is a drop in the bucket for a little box to save some lives.
  20. Peter KG6LSE

    Excess Carry-on Baggage Fee Began October 1, 2015

    you would think 60 mass would have there legal team check every word they print. * sigh* Neroden..... I feel bad for the conductors . they have to learn the laws that are paramount to trains . Its not fair IMO to have them to be Civil rights experts too. . they have enough to...