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    Adirondack June '23 cancellation, and September restoration, state of Upstate NY service

    We were supposed to take the Adirondack to Montreal and back on June 30 and July 3. I got an automated call this morning that the 69 on June 30 is cancelled. No explanation. Nothing is posted on Amtrak’s website as of this morning. There are alerts that 69 and 68 terminate and originate in...
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    Baggage checking

    Likely being deadheaded for service.
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    US railroad labor issues

    Because things have gotten so bad there isn't a good solution at this point that doesn't involve serious economic implications. It is a "beatings will continue until morale improves" situation. Things are so bad there aren't enough employees, so things get worse, so there are less employees...
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    The effect of the potential rail strike on Amtrak

    It must run on trackage owned by a short line and not the Class Is.
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    Amtrak dining and cafe service

    I've brought my own tablecloth on the Meteor. It was about this time last year. Not at an issue at all. The LSA got a real kick out of it.
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    Amtrak dining and cafe service

    Seems like there is another round of Chef and LSA job postings in Miami. That is both a promising sign, and also an indicator that the rumored fall/winter start of Traditional Dining with the return of the Meteor may be an...
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    CN Rouses Point Track (Adirondack)

    I'm aware of the law and who owns it, financially speaking. You are missing the point, and we are talking past each other. From a project management perspective, Amtrak is the key stakeholder. They need to "buy-in" to the idea of restarting service as a priority for anything to happen. NYS is...
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    CN Rouses Point Track (Adirondack)

    I don't think you understand how organizations like Amtrak work, and how large capital funding gets done. "Buy-in" isn't referring to money. Its referring to the idea of an organization taking ownership of a project and believing in its outcome. Right now, Amtrak is more than happy to let the...
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    CN Rouses Point Track (Adirondack)

    That's not how politics work, certainly not international relations. The Quebec MP's don't answer to NYS. They care as much as Schumer and Gillibrand would care what the provincial assembly of Quebec has to say. There is no leverage there. Amtrak, however, is very much subject to leverage from...
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    CN Rouses Point Track (Adirondack)

    Of course not. But Amtrak needs to get the conversations going with NYS, Quebec, and CN on funding. Herding those cats takes time, effort, and bandwidth. Institutional inertia being what it is, that's not going to happen unless there is someone pushing the process along.
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    CN Rouses Point Track (Adirondack)

    I think you may misunderstand how the political process works. The audience is also Gardner and Amtrak. Right now, without political pressure, Amtrak is not under any rush to sort out repairing the track. Someone has to pay for it. Is it going to be CN (likely not), NYS (maybe?) or Amtrak...
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    NCDOT studies improving Amtrak service in NC

    There's a Greyhound bus-- I believe one long distance route that passes through (with terrible time keeping and odd hours), and some sort of short-haul service between Raleigh and Asheville. Ideally you could connect Wilmington and Asheville via Raleigh/Charlotte Piedmont service. Vacation and...
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    AGR Status Multipliers and Missing TQPs

    From this thread on FlyerTalk, it appears this is likely an unannounced policy change.
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    Resumption of Amtrak service to Canada (2022-2023 Q2)

    One silver lining from the article. Good to see that both Sens. Schumer and Gillibrand signed a letter to Gardner asking about the Adirondack. It reads pretty pointedly. Given the obstacles Amtrak is facing with CN and the track, its going to take that kind of pressure from these kinds of...
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    Pittsburgh—What time should I arrive?

    If you have no luggage, that's honestly a little early, for me anyway. I'd personally aim for 7am, unless I was planning to get there early and find breakfast nearby. I don't know the area downtown too well, but unless there are breakfast spots nearby, you may end up just waiting at the station...
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    AGR Status Multipliers and Missing TQPs

    There appears to be an issue with the crediting of TQPs to my account when it comes to the tier bonuses. I've already raised this with Amtrak, and they are reportedly "looking into it," with a write-up going to operations. But I wanted to see if anyone else is experiencing the same issue. I've...
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    Amtrak dining and cafe service

    There have been rumors about the Meteor getting traditional dining in the fall when it returns. It’s just rumors from OBS, and speculation based on some job postings for Chef in NY/Miami. But the rumblings there have been consistent. There were also job postings for Chef in Charlotte, which...
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    Amtrak long distance fares 2021-2023

    “Rooms available” means rooms available at that price/bucket, not how many rooms are available total. It’s confusing, and perhaps intentionally so.
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    Amtrak long distance fares 2021-2023

    I think (and this is just speculation) that the idea was that it would all be stored in the dorm cars-- of which there were supposed to be many, many more. With the original order, every Viewliner route would have had a dorm/bag/storage car. Until CAF had build and quality problems which left...
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    Amtrak long distance fares 2021-2023

    As of right now, the first week in October seems to have some lower bucket roomettes on the westbound Zephyr. CHI-EMY for 563 on October 4, for instance.